Welcome to rainbow FICTION, your brand-new hub for Winx-based fanfictions!  Why the change, you might ask?  Well, originally, I just wanted to do the Valentine’s fanfic, but then my mind shifted to the standalone fic “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Alfea” and the upcoming serial fic Zenith of Corruption, and I thought it was high time we have a fanfic page!  Now, this will not  replace Rainbow Dust.  It’s merely a new addition.  The website name will still stay the same, and the part of the site that addresses news, reviews, and other articles will also be called “Rainbow Dust.”  It’s merely the story section that will be called “rainbow FICTION.”  And if any of you are wondering about the strange capitalization, I did it so that you would instantly tell the difference between the two names.  That way, you don’t end up on the rainbow FICTION page instead of the Rainbow Dust general page.

Anyway, here is just a sampling of the potential works of mine that might show up on here:

Zenith of Corruption–This is the one that will likely be coming out very soon, anywhere from a few days from now to a week or so from now (sorry for the delays).  This addresses the adventures of the fairies who don’t always get the limelight: Nova, Roxy, Galatea, Mirta, and Tecna.  It covers their journey to Zenith, and they discover the reason why the Winx never got too close to that particular realm.  Look forward to it!

Harmonix: Another Story–This is another serial one that should come out in about two weeks to a month from now.  It will be released alongside Zenith of Corruption.  It is a parody fanfiction that pretty much will not have a fourth wall.  It is about what would have happened if instead of the Selkies, the Winx get bonded to…the Elements of Harmony, the lovable characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Among some of the hilarious things that occur in this one will be the revelation that the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle was Princess Celestia in disguise and Tecna meeting up with Discord!  But the Trix, in their quest to earn Sirenix before the Winx, capture the “Creature of the Dark Mantle” (read: Princess Luna), mistakenly believing that is the key to beating the Winx!

I hope you enjoy our new feature and look forward to plenty of fanfictions coming up!


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