Hello there.  My Winx name is Ophira, and I’ve been watching the show ever since it started in 2004.  Unlike many Winx fans, I’ve never seen the RAI dub; only 4kids and Nickelodeon.  I’m rather happy that this show is back, as I remember how hard I cried when 4kids lost the dubbing rights and it went off the air!  Anyway, just some things about me:

How old are you?

Online, that’s kind of a bad question to answer bluntly.  So all I’m going to say is that I’m in my late teens, around the same age as the early Winx.

Who are your favorite characters?

Favorite Winx: Flora is my favorite now, but Aisha was always my favorite growing up, so she’s my second fave.  Tecna would be third, but she’s tied with Musa right now because I like sarcastic female characters, so I like how the Nick dub is treating her.

Favorite Background Characters: Mirta, Galatea, Roxy (she should totally be on the above column, curse you Rainbow…xD)

Favorite Villains: Darcy, Valtor, Stormy…I like Nebula, but she’s neither a Winx, nor a background character.  I’ll call her an ‘antagonist’ and call it good.

Favorite Non-Villain Male Characters: Helia and Nabu (as you could probably tell from my username).  And yes, I couldn’t just write ‘Specialists,’ as Nabu isn’t one.

What other media properties do you like?

TV…other than Winx, it isn’t really my thing.  The only other ‘scripted’ show I fangirl as much as Winx is probably My Little Pony (yes, I’m a brony/pegasister).  I also love trivia game shows since I have this obsession with random facts.

I also like The Hunger Games, Pendragon, Warrior Cats, and…Neopets.  That’s where the toy-collecting obsession started, I guess.  I had a bit too much time on my hands and made a Stella Sirenix costume on there (or at least the closest I could come to it with the items I had).

See, doesn't Stella look so much better without green hair?

I might do more of these sometime if you guys like it.

Best magical girl series other than Winx?

Cardcaptor Sakura, if I’d have to choose (can’t beat the classics).  Though I just finished Shugo Chara! and it was pretty good.  I’m currently writing a magical girl series for Neopets right now, so I can count watching Winx as ‘research.’  Except my series is darker and much more on the dystopian side…but still with Winx-style sparkly wings.

…more magical girl anime need sparkly wings.  Or even wings in general.

Which Winx are you most like?

Tecna, but with some of Stella’s quirky tendencies and her need to lighten the mood.  Probably some of Flora’s insecurities in there, too.

Why is your website called Rainbow Dust Winx?

It’s meant to refer to both the name of the company that animates Winx (Rainbow) and the fairy dust from Season Three.  And I’m glad ‘Rainbow Dust’ was already taken by WordPress, because otherwise people might think it’s a Rainbow Dash/Lightning Dust shipping website.  I don’t even like Lightning Dust that much, so…that’s not what it is.


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  1. Yeah, I agree with what you said about more magical girl series needing wings. I love wings. Especially big, sparkly, Enchantix-like wings.
    I’m also a big fan of Musa and Tecna, they’re my favorite Winx girls!

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