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We Just Keep Getting Back To These Hiatuses…


Now, as an American Winx fan, I haven’t gotten the most chances to blog about S6, but after hearing that Winx is ending its hiatus on Nick and finally coming back, I thought I’d celebrate the opportunity by returning as well!  Unfortunately, this blog has been somewhat decaying over time, and I’m not quite sure if anyone still actively reads it, but if you do, please know that I am still out there.  I may have been doing other things, I may have been distracted with other things during the long Winx hiatus, but know that my heart has come back to this show.  I will do what I can to improve this blog and balance it with my burgeoning fanfic career.  I don’t know if it will ever go back to where its prime was.

But what I can do is make sure I can update it once every two weeks or so.  I’m going in blind to most of the S6 stuff, so my blogs about it will be that much more interesting.  All I know is that there may be a bit of controversy with a certain Specialist not being on, and even that’s something I just now found out.  (And if it turns out to be anything like what happened with Nabu, you know I’m going to have an uncharacteristically negative opinion towards it.)   I’ll probably end up doing one big post for every two episodes I watch so I can catch up even more.  I really want to rejoin this fandom and I apologize to all of you for having ever left.

I may sound like a broken record at this point with all my hiatuses, but please know that this time, I have the motivation to return.  This blog will not go dead near this easily.  Just stick with me and I’ll stay for good.

On a less serious note, however, is S6 stuff still relevant for a lot of you or should I move straight to S7?  Of course, I’m going to finish S6 so I can say that I’ve watched all the episodes ever released, but should I move straight to S7 for the opinion pieces?  I’d like to vent about the things I see that I like or don’t like, but I’m not sure if you guys want to put up with things that for all I know could be out of style.