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The Legendarium and the Mysterious Play: A Season Six Discussion/Theory Hub!


So, Season Six is more than halfway underway, and it’s clearly making several different impressions upon its audience.  Some hail it as Winx’s renaissance, others see it as yet another watered-down version of the childhood nostalgia we know and love.  Still other unlucky Americans still haven’t even seen it past the Alexandria mini-arc.  (But I’m not bitter…nope, not at all…just very, very desperate.)  Regardless, it opens up a whole new forum full of opinions.  Now that the season has progressed far enough, this is when the true speculation, plot or otherwise, begins.  Seasons 4 and 5 have shown that the real fun kicks in around this stage, when the stakes are sufficiently high for Winx to become much more than the stereotypical “light child’s fare” that non-fans accuse it of being.  No one could’ve seen Nabu dying, or possibly even Stella’s intense character development in S5, coming, as Winx has 1.) never killed off a hero before then and 2.) completely derailed Stella’s S5 character to the point fans feared it would be permanent.  What will S6 bring in this crucial moment?

This is where you come in.  Fan speculation only happens to come true once in a blue moon, but it’s one of the best ways to get a ‘base excited and pumped up when they need it most.  With Winx no longer airing in America, I hope that this will allow fans to continue to have it in their minds.  Winx is a fandom that really needs to be pumped up right now, as even I was about to quit on it once Nick made their final decision.  However, the show is still very much alive, and by openly discussing it, we are acknowledging that it is far from dead.  Even if our theories may be wrong, the memories will stay and continue to attach us to the show.

This will also be a forum for fans to recommend potential sites for watching the remaining episodes.  Many have still not been able to keep up on series events because of the cancelling, making it easy for people to lose interest.  If you are one of the lucky ones who have found episodes, please include links in your post.  (This is by no means begging on my part so I can continue with my reviews, ‘kay?  xD)

So, for my part: since I’m not yet caught up, right now, I’m going to post an observation I’ve made about S6 and how it bears some uncanny similarities to a particular other source of media.  When Season 6 was first released, The Oblivious Prattler of UnaDiNoiWinx did a side-by-side comparison of the trailer and several anime and K-Pop acts, which can be found as follows.  However, one anime appears to line up very, very significantly with S6’s plot: Fushigi Yuugi, whose title translates in English as “Mysterious Play.”  During the various hiatuses, it became one of my guilty pleasures, despite it being technically released way back in the ’90s.  (Yes, I’m behind on the power curve.)  I’ve read all 18 volumes of the manga now and made it through about a fourth of the anime.  But when I first started the anime, I couldn’t help but notice the way the characters were introduced in the opening theme:

and noticed how much it lines up with this:

Neat, huh?  All those who complain that anime references are something that just S6 has done, this is way back from S4. Now, this could be a coincidence, but as for the actual anime’s plot? An extremely boiled-down version of the series is that it is a story about two girls who come into a rivalry situation partially incited by a magical book. It doesn’t exactly work like the Legendarium: it sucks people in rather than bringing creatures out. But nevertheless, similarities can still be found.

The two main characters, the former friends, also resemble Bloom and Selina in some ways. Just like Bloom, the main character in the conflict, Miaka, is far from a fan favorite; some consider her to be one of the worst heroines created in shojo manga. (I really don’t have an opinion on this.) Both are caring to the point of almost being considered Mary Sues. And, like Selina taking orders from Acheron, the resentful friend Yui also does a lot of what she does to aid a general by the name of Nakago, whom she thinks saved her from an…interesting situation. (This is an all-ages blog, so can’t really mention it here. *sweatdrop*).

What does this mean for the course of S6? For one, if the writers really are looking to this manga for inspiration, I will be expecting a lot from Acheron. Though some of the things Nakago does (read: 50% or so) cannot be done in a Y7-rated program, there are so many strong traits from his character that even a toned-down/watered-down likeness of him could have potential. I’d like to see Acheron be really sadistic and power-hungry with no regard to Selina except as a pawn, while still claiming that he really cares. I by no means am encouraging them to copy, but I think that borrowing from a serious and ruthless anime villain while still differentiating him from Valtor and the other Winx villain ilk could do wonders. (Especially if the Trix join him not out of romance, but because his type of evil is just their vibe.)

But let’s just hope Bloom doesn’t get a harem of crushes like the main in Fushigi Yuugi does. That’s where I hope the similarities never get to.