OphiraxRainbow Dust: Relationship Status–On Again!


1b4Rainbowdustwinx is back, baby!  After a few weeks of deliberating on whether or not I should even keep this site going with all the Winx debacle in America (plus the fact that I’m not as up to speed on the new episodes as I’d like to be), I’ve finally decided to end this hiatus once and for all and to try my best to give everyone on here original content again.  Honestly, I’m surprised you’ve stuck with me this long, considering the fact that I’ve barely been on and this has been off-and-on dormant since about this time last year.  That really makes me feel good, but I’m sorry.  The confession I’m about to make is one that’s stuck in my head for a while, that I’ve never quite been able to get out.  I hope now, you all can finally know the truth.

The reason this site hasn’t been as active as it should’ve been isn’t just because of my busy life or because Nick isn’t really airing Winx.  It’s because I was scared.  In a lapse of judgement, I promised my viewers that I would give them a philosophical look at how to earn Enchantix and how it ties into multiple existing theories, including some Enlightenment thinking.  I was taking a class about it at the time and was pretty confident I could do it.

But, for some reason, I just couldn’t.

To this day, Enchantix Theory is nothing more than a draft on my WordPress account.  Every time I tried to write it, the task was just so daunting and intimidating.  I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the high standards you would have for it.  I pushed back other article ideas because of the huge demand for Enchantix Theory and kept up hope that I could eventually shake these feelings off and finish it.  But I still haven’t been able to, and I wasn’t able to face myself because of that.  Eventually, I ended up just thinking that leaving this site would be easier than having to face the questions about when it would be released.

To tell you the truth, every blog post I’ve written on here, I have written with immense worries about how it would be seen.  My site got too popular too fast, looking back on it.  If it hadn’t started out with so many people within the first week, maybe I wouldn’t have been as scared about everything.  But being a rising star came with high standards, ones I wasn’t sure I could live up to.  When I would look at amazing sites like Una Di Noi that updated almost every day and had nice graphics, I felt I could never compete.  I felt inferior and even jealous of places like that.

But not anymore.

I’m gaining sight once again of what I really started this thing for, and it’s to deliver my own take on Winx Club, no matter what others think.  I do want to release Enchantix Theory someday so you will finally be able to see it, but for now, I’ll take it slow.  I’ll do other types of articles I’m more comfortable with before trying for the big one again.  If any of you know where I can find the episodes released on the online marathon, I’d love to review them.  But know that I’m back now, and I won’t leave you behind again if I can help it.

I just hope you all can forgive me if I let you down.




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