RANDOM REVIEW: My Two Cents on “Vortex of Flames”


Hello, everyone, and welcome to S6 Episode 6, “Vortex of Flames, or, In Which Bloom Pulls a Sailor Moon ‘Sorry Guys, I’m Not Really Dead’ Trick.”  Here are just a few of my thoughts on this last episode (which was pretty good):

  • Diaspro having a ticket to a Domino gathering?  You’d think Oritel and Marion would play the protective parent role and not let her in at all and increase security, right?  Something tells me she didn’t obtain that thing legally…(either through stealing or the Magix equivalent of ticket scalpers)
  • It’s interesting to see the impacts of the Dragon Flame sharing on Bloom.  I almost thought they wouldn’t show that and just have Bloom be as powerful as usual.  Nice touch.  I’m impressed.
  • Wait, are they actually making fun of the overly-high heels they have to wear?  If it were me, that would’ve happened first episode!  Long trains just do not go well with those types of shoes.  Learn your lesson and get some fancy flats instead or, at the absolute least, the type of teeny wedges I wear to fancy gatherings to try to get out of displays of clumsiness.
  • Bloom, if you’re that weak, you really shouldn’t be wearing heels.  I’ve never fainted while wearing heels (heck, never fainted period), but that doesn’t sound like fun at all.
  • I can’t help but think that the ‘wings’ were added in so that JAKKS dolls can now say that they’re actually show-accurate.  *facepalm*
  • But regardless, I really do love the dresses.  I love how they’re trying to mess with the color schemes a bit.  However, Musa and Aisha should’ve switched dresses.  Yellow would bring out the contrasts in Musa’s design and would especially compliment her light skin, while sunset orange fits really well with Aisha’s water/beachy theme, not to mention that she looked really, really good in red before.
  • Wait, where did all this sudden fashion talk come from?  I never thought I was this into it to the point where I could start waxing on about compliments and certain shades of color, lengths…*blushes and giggles awkwardly*
  • Thorin is too honest for his own good!  I was cracking up the entire time he was talking with Sky in the beginning.  (His awkward lack of beating around the bush is actually rather cute.)
  • Is it bad that I ship DiasproxThorin over DaphnexThorin?  For some odd reason, I can see those two together.  Hey, at least it’s not like the dream that I had last night about Nabu coming back to life and breaking up with Aisha to date Roxy.   As much as I like both of those characters, I wanted to whack him for being so darn insensitive!  But thank goodness that isn’t canon…unless Rainbow sees this, which hopefully they don’t.
  • Diaspro?  Not her again?

Thank you, Lockette, for basically summing up what a lot of Winx fans actually think right now.

  • I honestly thought Cherie was going to throw Piff on top of Diaspro to make her go to sleep.  That actually would’ve been a better plan.  Let’s hope you’re a heavy sleeper, Diaspro!
  • Wait, if Diaspro is a Yandere on a “good” day, what does she do on a bad day?  *shudders*
  • So the Vortex of Flames has a spiritual beast like the Omega Dimension?  Fascinating…
  • Requisite Beauty and the Beast-esque ballroom scene.
  • Even on Daphne’s coronation, Bloom still manages to steal attention away.
  • Kiko’s little dress actually did look rather cute.
  • Bloom’s Bloomix, however redundant it is, looks amazing.  Hers and Aisha’s are probably my favorites right now.
  • Is it just me, or does Aisha look a lot like her mother in Bloomix?
  • I squeed as soon as I heard they were going to Alexandria, Egypt, and not just because I’m a history buff.  I told you guys before that I wouldn’t give out my real name on here, but now’s an opportune time: “Alexandria” is actually my name.  I’d still prefer to go by Ophira on here, but I thought it was an interesting connection to the plot.  The actual city has a very vivid history that I love, including a legendary lost library and one of the world’s first lighthouses.  But, more importantly, my name will actually be mentioned on Winx!  Simply amazing!  ❤

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  1. Diaspro/Thoren? Hmm, well, not that strange I suppose. I’m still shipping Roy/Tressa, after all. And now that there’s apparently another guy who is interested in Aisha, I probably need to find another fairy who is single and isn’t Aisha to ship him with. 😛

    Also, that dream you mentioned reminds me that I’m surprised I haven’t seen any fanfics about the Winx trying to bring Nabu back to life, only for something to go wrong or something like that. Actually, I’m surprised there’s not more fanfics about the Winx trying to find a way to bring Nabu back in general.

    And yeah, Aisha’s Bloomix form does make her look more like her mother. It’s probably the hair color.

    • Either way about the hair color thing, I like how they did that! And that dream was just terrible to sit through. If it actually happened, I think I’d walk out on Winx, and that’s saying something. (The only thing worse would be if Ogron came on as an Aisha love interest and she actually liked him!)

  2. Erm, I wrote a screencap for Winx Season 6 Episodes 7/8 while thinking of this blog…okay, I imagined I was a guestwriter here while I did it. I wanted to make it a gift post or something, but I can’t contact you any other way than publicly.

  3. Reblogged this on Winxfics and commented:
    I hate to not post original content, but here I am, not posting original content. Here is an article by the wonderful author of the WordPress blog Rainbowdustwinx: reading it will put my review for “The Lost Library” and “Attack of the Sphinx” in perspective.

  4. Just had a thought about this earlier in the week. Aisha could be the power ranger Aisha Campbell with yellow being her main regal color and some of her fairy outfits having it. This theory is that Aisha Campbell after giving her Zeo crystal to Tanya discovers her magic (a side effect of the Zeo crystal she thinks) and remembers her real past as do her parents. However the trauma of this and her ranger past (sneaking to pixie village is a metaphor for ranger duties) and her sheltered princess life combine giving her the Layla persona. Once she meets Bloom (who may or may not have been Kim at one point) her ranger past allows her to be Aisha again thus with her expertise in the field she became Bloom’s co-lead but chose to wear green and aqua instead of yellow, because always wearing ranger colors when not transformed is kinda dumb.

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