FANFIC WEEK: “Black Gold–Part One”


We’ve finally entered the home stretch, folks!  That’s right–this is the last Fanfic Week entry.  It’s been a lot of fun working on all of these stories, and while there were times I didn’t think I’d finish them all, I did it.  This has got to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve done on this site as of late.  It forced me to buckle down and think: “I don’t care if I don’t think I can write this today.  I’m going to do this anyway, because I never back down on my word, and I’m not planning on changing that.”  I’m loving seeing your commentary about these, and I’d really like to see how you like Black Gold.  I’ve only had this idea for about a month, so it may not be as streamlined and planned as some of them yet, but I have faith in it.  It takes a different look at what happened on Earth after the Black Circle attack, and shows that magic on Earth still has a long road in front of it.  But Morgana, Nebula, and the new character Tristan all have guts to change things.  Except the Black Circle may not have disappeared as much as the Earth fairies would like to think…don’t leave this page, because we’re in for a bumpy ride!  Here’s Black Gold:

Black Gold

Part One: Wandering Wizard

            Tristan didn’t remember much about the battle.  All he knew about it, or about most things, was that it was the most brutal one he’d ever seen.  It was all a blur, and he wasn’t sure if he’d even fought.  The way he was brought up, or at least what he could recall of it, was about looking as normal as possible, hiding everything about yourself.  All he knew was that once he’d revealed himself as a magical being, the Wizards of the Black Circle didn’t hesitate.  He struggled, hoping this wouldn’t be the end, that he’d get another chance.  And as a matter of fact, he did.  Here he was, alive once more.

Except he didn’t remember any of it.


            The first thing that he realized when he finally awoke from his coma was that he was sprawled over a rather cramped space, which he later realized was a small room with a door.  He stretched himself out to regain his strength and began to mutter to himself.

“Something tells me I’ve slept in worse places before,” he sighed.  “I bet this is one of those dumb hotel rooms I’ve heard about where you can barely have enough room to get a decent rest.  Don’t know how long I’ve been out, or even how long I’ve been alive in the first place.  I suppose I’m off to a good start.”

For some odd reason, he failed to see a huge watermelon in his way and promptly tripped on it and slammed into the door, which was now open.

“Who leaves a watermelon in a hotel room?!” he yelled after this.  “Seriously?”

“Hey, what are you doing here?!” answered another man, who was quickly approaching him.  “We’re closed!  I bet you think you can try to steal from us, right?  That’s as good a reason as any to be in here right now.  I’m calling the police on you, got that?”

“I wasn’t trying to steal from you, sir,” Tristan tried to explain.  “I just ended up in your backroom somehow.  I don’t know how long I was in there, but somehow, I was trapped inside.”

“Yeah, yeah, likely story,” the man grumbled.  “I can’t trust delinquents like you.  Why should I believe anything you say?”

“Because he’s telling the truth,” answered the only other person there, a woman with long, dark hair.  “The truth spell hasn’t responded yet, so therefore, he isn’t lying.  Besides, this isn’t exactly the first time a wizard has ended up in Gardenia.”

Just excellent, Tristan thought.  Out of all the people who could’ve saved me, it had to be a fairy, a natural enemy of wizards.  I bet she’ll turn me into a punching bag by tomorrow morning.

 He then decided to run away.  Something just didn’t feel right about the magical aura within him.  He must’ve been changed in some way before he’d woken up.  So this was the only chance he had left: to live alone and bide his time until he could regain his strength.  Unfortunately, he failed to remember that fairies could just teleport in front of him, which was exactly what happened.

“I’m not going to hurt you, got that?” the fairy replied in a stern voice.  “And you are not going back out there to live on your own.  The few Earth wizards that are still around had to have been incredibly weakened.  You may not like to hear this, considering that you’re an adult and all, but if you’ve stayed quietly inside a storage closet for this long, you need help, and we have space in our house.”

“Hmph,” Tristan muttered.  “Things have definitely changed since the last time I was here.  Not that I remember much about it, but your kind have never been the most welcoming.”

“I will admit that we might’ve seemed like jerks to you in the past,” she responded, “but we didn’t realize that the Black Circle were just as bad to wizards as they were to fairies.  If we would have, we could’ve been allies a lot sooner, but those times are over.”  She smiled at the young man and continued, “Please forgive my husband Klaus’s conduct towards you, but ever since the whole Earth fairy incident, who could blame him?  But all that’s over, and at least now I have a somewhat normal life working here.  My name’s Morgana, by the way.”

“I’m Tristan, or at least, so I think,” he answered.  “Ever since the attack, I haven’t been remembering much of anything these days.”

“That’s a trait typical to many of the wizards whom they attacked,” Morgana reasoned.  “Most of them were about your age, which made finding help for them harder.  After all, a lot of people think that they can act for themselves.”

“That doesn’t mean you should take me in or anything.  I mean, I know you’re trying to foster relations between the two parties, but I don’t want to intrude—“

“You’re not intruding,” Morgana corrected.  “Lately, the two of us have been lonely anyways, since our daughter just left for Alfea.  We’re perfectly willing, as long as you lighten up a bit.  I understand it’s natural to be a bit grumpy about all of this, but that won’t help your condition improve.”

She then slammed a smoothie cup into his face and muttered, “Hey, drink this.”

“Where did that even come from?!” he asked in complete and utter shock.

“Um, I used the blender right over there,” she answered.  “You need to get something into your body.  Who knows how long you were in there?”

Tristan was about to lift the straw up to his lips when Morgana interrupted, “By the way, that’ll be $4.99.”

“Really?!” he yelled.  “You’re charging me?!  I never wanted this!”

“See, that’s your problem,” Morgana chuckled.  “You take everything too literally.  I was kidding.  But drink it, or else I will charge you for it.”

At this point in time, it felt as though it were really possible for a fairy and a wizard to live together.  But forces were conspiring to ensure that the rivalry would never be broken.

And Tristan would be the one to incite this presence…


The next day was nowhere near what Tristan would have expected.  Sure, he would have expected to Morgana to yell at him more, or even for her to change her mind about giving him a free smoothie.  What he didn’t expect was having his limbs chained to a wall in the middle of nowhere.  But, sure enough, that’s what had happened.

That good-for-nothing fairy betrayed me! he thought to himself.  And I honestly thought she was trying to make friends with me.  Times really haven’t changed one bit.  Next thing I know, they’re going to execute me for no reason.

“I know that I have much to explain,” Morgana whispered as she walked past, steadily approaching him.  “But this is not what it looks like.”

“Yeah, easy for you to say.”

“It’s going to be okay,” Morgana continued.  “I just had an audience with the queen of the fairies, and we’ve both come to the decision that we will set you free and allow you to go back to Gardenia, as long as you promise never to kill a fairy.”

“Why would I want to do that at all?!” Tristan demanded.  “I never said I wanted to kill anyone!  If anything, that’s discrimination against wizards!  You think that, just because I’m a wizard, I’m going to steal your powers and pluck your wings off and—“

“That isn’t the reason she wants to make this pact with you,” corrected another fairy, who had just flown over to meet the other two.  “As a matter of fact, that wasn’t even her idea; it was mine.  As soon as Morgana relayed a message to me last night concerning your arrival, I requested that you be brought to Tir Nan Og, which is where you are currently.”

“You used to be the queen of Tir Nan Og, though,” Tristan replied.  “Surely you can still override your subjects’ requests?”

“Nebula here is the current queen,” Morgana explained.  “I did not wish to strain our friendship more than it already was by the incident.

“…oh,” Tristan whispered awkwardly.  “Carry on, then.  Forget I said anything, Your Majesty.”

“Don’t know if I’ll ever get used to being called that,” Nebula muttered.  “Especially with me having been an army leader for so long…but objection overlooked.  After all, Morgana did say that you remember very little about what took place, and you were never in contact with fairy society to begin with.  However…there was one observation, which I discovered last night, that cannot be ignored so easily.  We chained you in order to prevent you from doing something that you would later regret.”

“What could I possibly have done in the middle of the night?!” Tristan yelled.

“Let me put this bluntly,” Nebula answered.  “The Wizards of the Black Circle knew that they would someday be defeated, while it wasn’t something they liked to think about.  When they attack another wizard, they normally do so for one of two reasons.  More often than not, they do so because they fear that the other one will infringe on their territory or become more powerful than them.  It’s a normal predatory response, but yours is a rarer case.  You were exposed to high levels of dark magic, from what our research can perceive, and yet you still managed to survive.

“Consciously, you feel minimal change from the way you were before.  But your entire magical core, the source of your powers, was rewritten.”

“Do I want to know what that means for my future?” Tristan questioned.

“No, but it’s something you need to be aware of,” Nebula replied.  “Exposure to enough dark magic can, in fact, overload a person’s magical systems to the point that they are completely rewired to resemble those of darker beings.  To put it simply, you have been so absorbed to the Black Circle’s aura that your magical composition is shifting to resemble the irregular magical structure of the Black Circle wizards.  In other words…you are essentially more like them than you are like other wizards.  And in most cases, this translates to unconscious urges to attack fairies.”

“Nebula believes that, if you accept our deal, you will be less likely to be a threat to our world, and to Earth’s as well,” Morgana explained.  “We cannot allow another wizard to reach that level of power from that sort of source.”

“So that’s all you see me as now?” Tristan objected.  “A threat?”

“No,” Morgana spoke.  “We aren’t just doing this for our own safety.  We’ve taken in enough wizards to realize that we cannot afford to have another Black Circle.  As long as the memory of the attacks remains fresh, people cannot accept wizards for who they truly are.  You are the one who can change that.

“You must choose between succumbing to your so-called ‘destiny’ as a wizard or coexisting with the other groups who have finally discovered the grave mistakes they have made by denying you as one of their own.  But keep in mind that whatever decision that you make may be the only determining factor between peace and war…

To be continued…

And so, with all that wrapped up, it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the poll where you can vote on which Fanfic Week submission was best in your eyes!  (Next week, we’ll vote on the music videos, so keep thinking about that song you liked most!)  See you then!

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  1. Okay, I was hooked from the word “watermelon.” 😀
    Overall it’s pretty good so far. I was always interested in the further development of magic on Earth.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I can’t really see Morgana as being a sweet, motherly type after seeing her “angry queen” bits in S4, so I made her be more of a “tough love” type. And sorry about the cliffhanger again! (What do you think he’ll choose?)

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