Random Winx Confessions


I came across something when I was randomly searching for Winx online one time, and it’s pretty interesting.  It’s called “Winx Confessions,” and it’s pretty much where you admit random things you’ve thought about the show.  It’s really fun, so I was thinking that maybe you can post some of yours.  Here are mine:

  • I honestly wish that there was an actual Fruiti Music Bar in real life.  If there was, I’d go there all the time, since the smoothie shop in my town got closed down.
  • Someday, I reeeeeally want to go to Rainbow Magic Land.
  • As much as some people may diss FloraxHelia, I really like it.  As unrealistic as they can be, I’ve always loved shojo manga-like relationships like those.
  • I’ve tried just about all the main Stella transformation hairstyles in real life.  The Enchantix/Believix one looks really good on me, but it takes some time to do.  I even have little leather ponytail holders like the Magic Winx Stella, so if I ever go to Rainbow Magic Land, I might do a cosplay!
  • I just realized that if Piff is meant to act just like a real baby, she’d have separation anxiety from Aisha and would be crying through S4 and S5.  Thank goodness the pixies are coming back…
  • One time, I got really mad because somebody thought Mirta and Tressa were ugly.  I think they’re really cute.  The Tressa complaint was because she has thick eyebrows.
  • I’ve also thought about how mermaids would wax their eyebrows underwater, and now I understand why Tressa would have thick eyebrows.  The wax would probably melt underwater!
  • My all-time favorite wings are Stella’s Enchantix wings (because they look like stained glass) and Aisha’s Believix wings (because of the jewel details and the crescent-like shape).
  • For some odd reason, I rather like Galatea.
  • I still think Roxy should be a Winx.
  • When I first saw the S3 theme song sequence, I thought Chimera was going to be the next Winx!  Too weird, right?
  • One time, 4kids had an advertisement for the Golden Kingdom arc showing the other Winx fighting Bloom with the tagline, “The Winx go against one of their own.”  I thought it meant the return of Dark Bloom and thought about all the new powers she would get with Bloom’s Enchantix, like dust that would spread disease and the power to become giant.  Then I was really mad when the clips were just from a practice fight…
  • I actually kind of like that Musa isn’t a complete tomboy.  That’s the way I am with my clothes.  I don’t dress girly all the time, and still have a lot of T-shirts.  I don’t think the media shows those sorts of girls enough.
  • Some people may think that Stella’s sailor outfit makes her look like she’s younger, but I like it.
  • Enchantix will always be my favorite transformation.
  • I was never a fan of Harmonix.  But I like the darker color swap for the Comic-Con doll.
  • Really, blue and black should be Bloom’s main colors.  I’ve always wanted to see a good fairy wearing black.  White would be nice too.  I imagine Mirta having a black Enchantix and Galatea having a white one.
  • I wish Musa still wore pigtails.  I really liked it in S3 with her long pigtails.
  • Seriously, Flora should wear buns more.
  • I am amazed at how much volume Aisha has when she ties her hair back.  I wish mine could look that good…
  • I love Bloom’s Harmonix hairstyle.
  • Winx has taught me that boy-short hair can look awesome.  Many of my favorite hairstyles are Tecna’s (any of hers, but especially Sirenix and training), Tressa’s (though she does technically have a ponytail in back), Mirta’s…I love how Rainbow doesn’t think only long hair is attractive.  I have long hair…but I’d really like to cut it one day.
  • Of course, you’d probably know that I really want Nabu back…
  • …but I want Roy and Aisha to stay friends.  There’s never been a male/female friendship on Winx, and I could see Aisha as being the type to like these friendships.  Honestly, I’m that type as well.

So the group challenge for this week is to come up with “confessions” like this.  Pretty simple, right?  So go ahead!

Also, the music video event is nearing its close.  Please suggest songs posted here that you’d like to see in the final round.

Next week or two weeks from now will be Fanfic Week.  I’m working diligently on four different fanfics, three of which will be released as serials.  The titles are Zenith of Corruption, Black Gold, Riven’s Requiem, and The Elements of Harmonix.  Please tell me which one you’d like to see first so that I can finish it first!

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  1. * I also want Nabu to return, and for Roy and Aisha to stay friends.
    * While I tend to ship mostly canon pairings, I also think that Roy and Tressa would make a good pairing for some reason.
    * I kind of want the pixies and selkies to meet, if only because I’m curious as to how they would interact.
    * I think the Specialists should get an episode mostly to themselves at some point, like the pixies did back in Season 3.

  2. I love confessions blogs! There’s also a really good one called Magical Girl Confessions that includes Winx Club. A few confessions of mine:
    -I am sick and tired of Believix. It’s overrated and over-promoted.
    -I somehow wish there could be a canon season which was heavily open to fan input. Because, there are fan fics and transformations out there that are a lot better than the actual show.
    -I also wish Winx had more practical cosplay options. It would look so much better if they were made of the same material as dance costumes. (example: http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/665115800/Ballet-Dress-Jazz-Costumes-Dancewear-DF-11562.jpg)
    -Roxy should be a Winx.
    -A spin-off based on the Black Circle and the first battle with the Earth Fairies would be awesome.

    • I agree with the fan fiction thing and also about Believix. Honestly, I was in a K-Mart closing down, and I still found an unbelievable amount of Bloom Believix dolls. I’m personally an Enchantix fan, and I’m tired of seeing Believix.

      Also, Black Gold is largely about the aftermath of the Black Circle attack and why wizards don’t have a magic school. It’s a very interesting story to get into.

      I also think the Specialists should get an episode.

  3. -I don’t like the 3D style that they use in the ads. It doesn’t reflect the style that is used in most of the show.
    -I always feel that if I have an OC with certain characteristics, then someone else I don’t know makes another similar OC, then I have to change mine.
    -I don’t like it when people try to make their Winx OCs more “realistic” by making them look drastically different from the regular style of the show. (e.g, heavier than the regular body shape.)
    -The Believix song is one of my favorite Winx songs even if most people think it’s annoying and hate it.
    -I used to say that the Rai English version was my favorite. But then I watched most of season three in the 4kids version, then watched one Rai episode, and I realized it was so unbelievably boring and the voices weren’t that good. (Except Musa’s. Her Rai voice is the best.)
    -I don’t care about the script changes 4kids made. (Except for the part about the meaning of Winx.)
    -I hated the theme song that Nick used for the specials. The singer used WAY too much autotune. And when she says “Winx” at the end, she doesn’t have the same spirit that the singer in the original version had. It was like she didn’t care. And I don’t even wanna talk about the bad lyric changes.
    -On the game “Do You Believix” on the Nick site, on Musa’s game, they changed so many of the chords in the songs that it made me cringe every time I had to play. No, really, listen to one of the original songs, then the version in the game.
    -It took me FOREVER to finish all of the quests in “Do You Believix”. And then I became really mad when a glitch didn’t let me go forward and I never got to solve the mystery.
    -I used to think Galatea’s name was pronounced “ga-lay-shi-a”.
    -Shortly ago, when I was rewatching season 3, in the episode when they go into the Golden Kingdom, I thought the choice they gave Tecna was kind of stupid. I imagined her saying, “So I can be trapped in here forever with emotions, or have no emotions and get out of here?” But now, thinking back, it makes sense.
    -I really, really, really wanted to see the episode they made of the show when it was still in development in 2001. All we have is clips, and someone else who used to have contact with Rainbow saw the episode and pretty much confirmed it exists.
    -I think the Nick voice actress for Flora is bad at her job.

    • Oh, and the fanfic I want to see most would probably be Zenith of Corruption, since you’ve said a lot about it and it seems interesting. 😀

    • I think that the only real Nick voices that jump out at me are Roxy’s and Valtor’s. Seriously, I watched S3 for about the fourth time just so that I could hear Valtor’s voice in every episode, and got so mad when he reached demon form. And I really wish Nick would use more actual Rainbow art in their adverts.

      I’ll try to get Zenith out there first, but it seems like I have a lot to cram into one part! It’s probably the hardest to write out of all the fics, because it’s difficult to explain the political situation, but I’ll give it my best! (Elements of Harmonix is probably the easiest, since it’s parody. I wrote a whole paragraph of Rarity ranting, and it was so much fun writing in her voice!)

  4. -I used to believe that 4Kids sucked,but looking back,it was so awesome.The puns were hilarious!The voice actors did their job well.
    -Why is Flora shown to be so weak?She’s the second most powerful fairy in the Magical Dimension,and she gets beat up a lot.Seriously?!?
    -Tecna does not get enough love.She’s so cool,and she isn’t as girly as the other Winx.
    -Believix looks comfy,but not exactly fairy like.If they tweaked Aisha’s and Musa’s outfits a bit,it would be better.
    -I love Mythix!The hate on it annyos me.They look pretty,comfy,simple,and fierce!Plus the song is great!
    -Season 3 and 6 are my favorites.The villians were sick(Valtor and Selina were awesome!),the plot made so much sense,and truly everyone got the spotlight!
    -I kind of like Diaspro,not that much,but I feel bad for her.Why didn’t she get a happily ever after?
    -I’ll be honest here:I ship Crystal and Roy.

  5. -I love Galatea she’s like the best princess that’s not a Winx.
    -I feel like Aisha/Layla gave no reason to join the Winx Club I think that she should not be in The Winx Club or that reason.
    – Sirenix looks really weird.
    -I really don’t like Sky and Helia’s new haircuts.
    Sorry these are all my opinions so you don’t have to agree…
    One more thing now that I think of it I cant believe that I thought the Trix were really powerful when I was watching season 1
    This has nothing to do with anything but I put Bob as my name…. I am a female.

  6. One more thing……(sorry)
    I think you said you didn’t really like Harmonix so if you don’t like it you might not want to do it first(I think this is already over but whatever)
    Riven is my favorite Specialist!!!!

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