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FANFIC WEEK: “Elements of Harmonix–Part One”


Without further ado, here is the second ongoing fanfiction that I will be writing: “Elements of Harmonix.”  I was never a huge fan of the Harmonix idea in general, so I decided to reimagine it as a crossover with My Little Pony.  This one was really fun to write, since it’s a parody fic with no fourth wall (and it’s even implied the only reason this would’ve happened was so that Hasbro and Rainbow could milk more money out of it).  I’ve written it with character introductions so it could possibly be read by non-bronies who are interested in the show.  As it’s a parody, it was kind of hard to find a good “stopping place” for this part (since it’s not as neatly done as Zenith of Corruption was, and since I reeeeally need to rewatch the Harmonix episodes to remember the order…curse you, similar episode structures!).  Rarity and Rainbow Dash were probably the easiest of the MLP characters to write, in my opinion.  (WARNING: As this is a parody fic, Bloom’s actions are very exaggerated to poke fun at the Bloom-hating trend.  I personally am ambivalent on this issue, but please know that her actions in this are meant to jest about the way fans can often depict her.)

Elements of Harmonix

Part One: Bloom and Pink (because I couldn’t think of anything better)

It all began with a letter or, more accurately, with several letters.  Those inside the room had been there for hours, striving to write the proper words to sum up the situation.

“And so, Katelyn Balach,” Tecna read from her letter, which was approaching its end, “you must acknowledge that Winx can be a valuable franchise for Nickelodeon and for the world.  Therefore, we must not be forced to wait six weeks plus to get our fix.  We really do wish to know how Season Five ends and what plans you have for Season Six.  Sincerely yours—“

“Tecna, what in the world are you talking about?” Stella questioned in shock as she was filing her nails.  “Who’s Katelyn Balach?  And Season Five of what?  We’re supposed to be earning Harmonix here!”

“I don’t quite know why I was writing that letter,” Tecna replied.  “It’s just that Bloom damaged the fourth wall when we were fighting off the Trix.”

“The fourth wall of what?” Musa answered.  “I knew I just finished writing a letter about ‘the importance of believing in your friends,’ but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“There are people watching us right now,” Flora whispered.  “I’m glad the fourth wall was there.  This can get a bit creepy.”

“Do not focus on it,” a soothing voice replied from another room.  “Have you finished with your letters?”

Aisha, Flora, and Musa began to rush to find various stationery items.

“The stapler’s broken!”

“My pen is out of ink!”

“What’s a synonym for ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’?”

“Not to worry, guys,” Bloom interrupted.  “I took the liberty of writing my letters, plus all of yours.”

“That’s really nice of you, Bloom,” Flora acknowledged.  “What’s the occasion?”

“Oh, I always like to have attention directed towards me.”

“So do I!” Stella chimed in.  “Speaking of which, I don’t understand why you consider writing morals for every one of our episodes to be so hard.  I just used Nick canon.  I bet you guys were all still working on S1 while I was already working on S3.  Thanks, one-hour season specials!”

“Said no one who ever existed,” countered Musa, who then used her magic to create a rimshot sound for her joke.  “Seriously, I have no idea why I never thought of that idea before.”

“Seriously, Stella, if you spent as much time working as you do trying to get out of work, you would’ve gotten the job done quicker,” Flora replied.

“Your way, my way, everyone has their own way,” Stella answered.  “And I’m sticking by mine.”

All of a sudden, a majestic white figure cantered into the room.  While it looked like the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle they had saved earlier, it differed from it as well.  It was the one who had told them to write “letters”—though they were more like morals—for all of the episodes they had been in so far.  However, Stella had factored the Nick specials in, while the other girls had (for some reason) decided to follow the original canon.  It was no surprise that she had ended up finishing first, and now they were about to receive Harmonix.

“I am Princess Celestia,” the winged unicorn began.  “While Harmonix is a first step to Sirenix, there is one thing that Harmonix has that Sirenix does not.  Since you have fulfilled my task, you have proven yourselves worthy of this great power.  And for that, you will each receive an Element of Harmony to guide you in your mission to defeat Tritannus.”

Please excuse us while we are down for two minutes due to first-time transformation sequences (the full-length ones that they subsequently shorten and never use again), which are too elaborate and beautiful to describe in word form.  Anyway, after all the fairies had transformed into Harmonix, they looked back down to see that there were now six horse-like animals standing beside Princess Celestia.

“They’re so cute!” Stella cried.

“Could you please focus on the mission now?” Tecna answered.  “These are magical artifacts, not petting zoo animals.”

“But you must remember that these Elements of Harmony are on the same level as you,” Princess Celestia continued.  “They are magical creatures just like fairies, and are therefore not for riding.  They can do Convergence level spells just as you can.  And in order to use their full powers, you must first befriend them.”

“Well, that can’t be too hard,” Bloom muttered.  “They look friendly.”

A yellow-and-pink pegasus shrank away from her and stiffened her wings while making an unbelievably cute squeaking noise.

“That went well,” Musa sighed.  “Wait, why do we all look similar in this transformation?”

“That’s clearly the result of amateur design,” a white-and-purple unicorn answered.  She closely examined the fairies and sighed, “Not to mention the fact that high-low dresses are a dime a dozen.  Any clothing store would carry them.  And I would never understand why anyone would wear heels, with all the controversy they’re attracting.  You must love yourself first and foremost, and anyone who would sacrifice proper hooves for style clearly does not.”

“Why do I get the feeling that they did that just so the toy companies can use the same dress mold for all of us?” Musa continued.

“Don’t even get me started on that,” a blue pegasus with a rainbow mane scoffed.  “Those guys never get my hair right.  They always make it long and girly, and nowhere near as awesome as it already is.  Something tells me the pink, spiky-haired person over there has the same problem.”

“And don’t even get me started on the time they made Princess Celestia pink and–!” another hot-pink pony answered.

“Pinkie, I thought you promised the princess never to speak of that again!” yelled her companion, who seemed to have both wings and a horn.

“Oh, like that time Rarity fell in love with a rock because she thought it was a diamond?” Pinkie questioned cheerfully.

“Yes,” the white-and-purple unicorn, clearly Rarity, responded through gritted teeth.  “Just—like—that.”

“Hey,” Musa commented.  “Happens to all of us.  My rock’s name is Riven.”

“Don’t cause more Musa/Riven shipping drama!” Bloom advised.  “That takes away from my screentime!”

“Oh, you’re one to talk!” Musa countered.  “You’re the one who’s always freaking out about Diaspro being placed in random locations where she could reconnect with Sky!”

“They don’t seem to be very good friends,” the yellow pegasus whispered.

“You know why we don’t argue like that?” the rainbow-maned pegasus replied.  “Because I’d smack you upside the head if you did.  That goes for you guys, too.  Don’t make me do it.”

Bloom and Musa stopped arguing as soon as she said that.

“Aw, you guys aren’t too bad,” she muttered.  “You just need some motivation every once in a while, and I’d be more than willing to oblige.  Name’s Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

“That was my line!” Rarity yelled.

“Let’s not get too into that,” the purple alicorn advised before turning to the two fairies.  “I’m Twilight Sparkle, by the way.  Don’t pay too much attention to them.  Rainbow and Rarity can be a bit self-centered at times.”

“I am never self-centered!” Rarity huffed.  “I’m the Element of Generosity, after all.  Name one time—“

“Season One, episode sixteen, ‘Sonic Rainboom,’ in which I have to save you from falling because you have to steal all the attention!” Rainbow Dash retorted.

“I guess we aren’t that different after all,” Twilight Sparkle answered.

“That will provide quite a bit of help in the mission,” Princess Celestia agreed.  “Each of the fairies is meant to bond to an Element of Harmony, but to decrease the repetitiveness of the episodes, all of you will do so at this very moment.”

“Musa, Tecna, Flora,” she began, “please step forward.”

“Is this the line that gets eliminated or the line that stays?” questioned Musa suddenly.  The princess merely shook her head in response.

“You three will stay behind for the first mission,” Princess Celestia continued.  “Three of the ponies will also stay with you.  Bloom, Stella, Aisha, you will be bonded to your corresponding Elements now.  Bloom, yours shall be the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie; Stella’s is the Element of Generosity, Rarity, and Aisha’s is the Element of Loyalty, Rainbow Dash.  You three must find a way to defeat the sea monster, Tritannus, while the others play getting-to-know-you games.”

“I hate those games,” Musa groaned.  “All they do is make you do embarrassing things in front of your friends.”

“Don’t be silly,” Pinkie Pie replied.  “It’s okay to make a fool out of yourself in front of your friends!”

“And with that, I shall teleport the main three to an undisclosed location,” Princess Celestia announced.  “May your mission succeed.”

The room suddenly darkened and Rarity yelled, “Wait!  What type of sea monster are we battling?  Does he just want a moustache made out of my tail again?”  The darkness cleared to reveal an ocean.

“This is going to take a lot of explaining,” Aisha sighed.  “On both our parts.  But the point is that it’s not going to be that easy.  You can’t just hand Tritannus something to appease him.  He’s always been this way.  And I should know, because he’s my cousin.”

“Whoa,” muttered Pinkie Pie.  “And I thought my family was bad!”

“Shut it, Pinkie,” Rainbow Dash responded.  “This is no time for jokes.  It’s time to be serious.

The sooner we do that, the sooner we can get back to Equestria.”

To be continued…

Just for fun, I’d like to see how many fandom jokes (Winx, MLP, or both) you can find in this.  There are a lot of little Easter eggs in this one…


FANFIC WEEK: “Zenith Of Corruption–Part One”


Hello again, everyone.  Against great odds, I have finally finished the Zenith of Corruption fan fiction today!  (For some odd reason, this one was the hardest to finish.)  Therefore, today is the beginning of Fanfic Week, in which I will display four of my original, never-before-seen fanfictions.  This is the first action that the rainbow FICTION system have seen in quite a while, but this is just the beginning.  Zenith of CorruptionThe Elements of Harmonix, and Black Gold will all continue to run in serial format, so check back in a few weeks and your favorite might have a new part published!  There will also be a standalone fanfiction called Riven’s Requiem that will show the true history behind the Specialist band.  Once all three of the continuing fanfics have been published, I’ll create a poll so that you can vote on your favorite one.  So, without further ado, let’s kick Fanfic Week off with Zenith of Corruption, the fanfic you’ve all been waiting for!

Zenith of Corruption

Part One: The Four Seekers

Gentle sunbeams began to flow into an Alfea dorm room, despite the dark curtain that was supposed to block out their entry.  A high-pitched noise sounded, breaking the delicate glass vial on the dresser.  The faint outlines of a holographic image appeared from nowhere.  In short, this was not going to be a good morning.

“What is with all of this?” muttered a figure in one of the beds.  She was still half-asleep, and her orange hair still exhibited the messiness of slumber.  “Can’t a moon fairy get some rest every now and again?”

“Faragonda needs us,” her roommate stated simply.  She was a quiet sort, and unlike the other fairy, was definitely a morning person, as her platinum blonde hair had already been tied up and her morning chores already finished.

“How can you get up this early on the weekends?” the other fairy groaned.  “It’s six-thirty, and she expects us to get up from our nice Saturday sleep-in time?  What right does she have to do that?!”

“Um, Nova, she’s kind of the headmistress.”

It was Nova’s fourth year at Alfea, and she was looking forward to leaving.  As a Solarian moon fairy, she definitely wouldn’t be expected to work mornings.  She’d spent most of her third year dreaming about fighting sea monsters and rogue witches, rather than just sitting in a room half-awake.  Though her roommate, Galatea, wasn’t bad.  Sure, she could be a bit annoying at times, with her habit of waking up at the worst times to play music that Nova didn’t really want to hear as she slept, but the two became unlikely friends.  However, she couldn’t argue with her.  Galatea just knew her far too well.


The two roommates transformed and flew straight to the headmistress’s office.  The two now had their Charmix forms: Galatea’s had a bass clef pin and a violin-shaped purse, and Nova’s had a star-shaped pin and a magenta circular purse, whose swirled details made it look like a faraway galaxy seen through a telescope.  Nova looked absentmindedly at her light pink, butterfly-like wings that framed her gold-and-black sleeveless dress.  How long will it be, she thought, before they would actually see battle?  How long would it be before she got her own adventure?

“I know it’s rough,” Galatea spoke.  “After all, a lot of fairies earned their Enchantix so quickly, and you’ve been stuck in here.  But you do know what this meeting could be about?”

“Yeah,” Nova answered, “but I’m not getting my hopes up.  No way could I have been drawn.  I don’t think Grizelda’s that fond of me.”

« Il y a beaucoup des feés que Grizelda n’aime pas, » a tiny voice intoned.  « Elle est toujours grognon.  Alors, ne vous inquiétez pas.  Vous êtes une bonne fée.  N’oubliez jamais ça. »

“That would be a lot more comforting if I actually knew what that meant,” Nova retorted, looking straight to the figure behind the voice, a pixie with a blue, white, and red dress, brown eyes, and long, wavy brown hair.  She had followed the two fairies along with Nova’s pixie, Glim.  Second-year fairies were now taken to the Pixie Village as a field trip.

“She was trying to tell you that most fairies annoy Grizelda and that you really are a good fairy,” Galatea answered.  “That’s a rough translation, actually.”

The two were now inside the office and were about to talk to Miss Faragonda when one of the other occupants, a pink-haired fairy with heart-shaped wings that could instantly be identified as the Earth fairy Roxy, suddenly spoke.

“Whoa!” she yelled.  “Your pixie speaks French?!”

“We use a similar language for music on Melody,” Galatea answered.  “I’ve never actually been able to tell the real language she speaks, though.”

“That’s interesting, that she speaks an Earth language,” Roxy continued.  “Luckily, most people here speak English, but I didn’t know that pixies could use other languages.  I wasn’t able to shake mine either.”  She pointed to her pixie, Zing, who had followed her also.

“Her name is Éponine,” the Melody princess replied.  “So, do you know why we were called here?”

“Faragonda had already talked about it with Mirta and me.”  She pointed to the red-haired fairy on the other side of the room, who waved to the others with a nervous smile.  “You guys were running late, so Faragonda told me to discuss it with you—“

“There’s no need,” Miss Faragonda answered, coming back into the room.  “I was simply gathering the other students who are coming with you.”

“With us?” Nova asked.  “Where are we going?  And why?”

“You four were drawn to participate in the annual Enchantix Retreat,” Faragonda explained.  “Originally, only third-years and higher could participate, but since we’ve been trying to get our graduation rates up, we’ll try taking a second-year like Roxy along to see what happens.

“As you know, these retreats were set up in order to test your skills in such a way that the Virtual Reality Chamber cannot.  While some fairies can venture between realms to increase their chance of earning their Enchantix, you unfortunately have not yet had the opportunity to do so.  For the next month or so, you will go to a realm that is currently unstable.  Your goal is simple: try to keep the peace and help its citizens.  The first few days will be the hardest, as those are the observation days.  You may watch, but you cannot fight, no matter how dire the circumstances are.”

Faragonda paused slightly and continued, “Now I will present you with the other members of your team.”  She gestured to a fairy with a dark green updo and a silver transformation outfit designed to resemble circuitry and to another with short magenta hair and an elaborate purple-and-green transformation.

“You four will be going to Zenith,” Faragonda stated matter-of-factly.

“Zenith?!” questioned Galatea.  “But isn’t that a prosperous realm?  After all, they produce most of the technology in Magix.”

“Yes, but there is a skewed balance of powers there,” Faragonda started.  “It started years ago when King Cryos developed a mysterious illness.  The doctors couldn’t cure it, even with the most advanced technology in Zenith.  If the citizens were to have found out about his condition, they would begin to lose faith in their technology, and it would have made the kingdom appear weak to others.  The real King Cryos has been bedridden for years, so a robot was created in his image.  Its speech was determined by a special message-sending keyboard that only Cryos had access to.

“However, as his illness escalated, he began to confide more and more in his advisor, Eigen, who wished to use Zenith’s technology not to aid its people, but rather to conquer other lands.  He claimed it was in order to expand Cryos’ reign, but as time passed, it became clear that Eigen was planning a coup against his own king.  This caused the people of Zenith to turn against one another, and fighting between Cryos supporters and Eigen supporters continues to this day.  To make matters even worse, Eigen has gained access to the Cryos robot, and is using it to advance his agenda.  The first time he gained control of it, he used it to tell the Sovereigns’ Council that he would not participate in their plans.  Now control of it sways back and forth between both parties.  However, as long as Eigen is around, he’ll try to take down Cryos—which could mean trouble for all realms if he succeeds.  Zenith has been a strong ally for so long that they would have both the advantage of surprise and that of weaponry.”

“That’s where we come in,” Mirta commented.  “In such a war-torn land, it seems very likely that even the tourists might not be safe.”

“And if they’re from our realm, that means we can finally get our Enchantix!” Nova rejoiced.

The other fairies stared at her for several minutes until the green-haired girl replied, “Sheesh, don’t get your hopes up too much.  Not only is Zenith completely harmless to outside travelers, but with our technology the way it is, we don’t even rely on Enchantix fairies as much as you people in other realms do.  We can equip you with so many devices that by the time you’re through, you have practically the same capabilities.”

“So why did you even come to Alfea in the first place?” Nova retorted.  “Obviously you just think you can take the easy way out.  Or did you just want to come here so that you’d look better to society?!”

“Nova, Theta, please stop arguing,” Faragonda interrupted.  “Theta and Tecna will be your guides through Zenith, so you must try your best to get along with them.”

“Sorry, Faragonda,” Nova continued.  “I don’t care too much for snooty girls like her, but I’ll try my best for you.”

“I’m not snooty,” Theta sniffed.  “I was just trying to be honest about my roots.  I went to Alfea because I wanted more of a challenge than most other people from Zenith were willing to give me.  I’m a very competitive type, you know.  And who knows?  I wouldn’t mind trying to earn my Enchantix before you.”

“You’re on,” Nova answered.

“Don’t take me so seriously,” Theta spoke.  “That was just me pretending to be snooty.  As much as I like a challenge, I don’t care if it takes me twenty years to earn my Enchantix.  Anything to make people respect me for more than just being a spectrum fairy—“

“You’re a spectrum fairy?” Galatea questioned.  “Weren’t they in one of your Magix Geographic magazines, Nova?  Aren’t they the ones that—“

“—drew their powers from the electromagnetic spectrum before anyone else even discovered its existence?” Nova finished.  “To answer, yes, yes, they most certainly are.  Do you have any idea what this means?  To illustrate, the average Solarian fairy only has the power of visible light taken from the sun or moon, but spectrum fairies take it even further to its invisible levels: radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays.  Which mean more focused telepathy, superhuman vision of any kind which, coupled with radar capabilities, translates to unmatched tracking ability!  Not to mention temperature calibration and concentrated radiation.  They are a scientific marvel!”

Again, everyone stared at Nova in complete shock for several minutes.

“You do realize I don’t have all those powers yet,” Theta bluntly stated.  “Fairies like me only reach that stage when they earn Enchantix.”

“My powers are the same way,” Mirta answered.  “Since I started off as a witch, I can only use simple fairy magic.  I don’t even know what my power source is yet.”

“Sorry about that,” Nova chuckled.  “Not a lot of people know this, but I’m really passionate about science.  The reason no one knows it is because, well, I’m a girly girl.  I look up celebrity gossip, but really, I just do that to practice researching.  And for the record, Magix Geographic is the only magazine I actually subscribe to.  I just read the other articles online.”

“As nice as it is to get to know each other,” Tecna interrupted, “we should probably get going.  I have a way for us to get a shortcut to Zenith.  But there’s a catch—you can’t retract your wings until we get there.”

“Why is that?” Roxy wondered.

“You’ll see.”


Insert several plays of the Sirenix song and several Winx hiatuses here.  On second thought, skip the hiatuses.  No one likes them.


“Somehow,” Roxy whispered, “I didn’t imagine we would have to swim this much to get there.”

«Vous n’êtes pas un lutin,» Éponine answered.  «Alors, ce ne sera pas difficile pour toi.»

“I heard that,” Roxy replied.

“I heard it too,” Zing agreed.  “But I couldn’t understand it!”

“Okay, we should be out of the Infinite Ocean…now,” Tecna announced.  “It is now safe to breathe and break the water magic.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” Nova sighed.  “We were lost in there for so long that I thought I was going to turn into a mermaid.  And of course, it doesn’t help that Theta just randomly disappeared while we were in there.”

“She’s gone?!” Galatea asked in shock.

“I know, right?  Now we don’t know where we should sleep, not to mention that her tracking skills could’ve helped us!  Some guide she was!”

“Now, let’s all stay calm,” Tecna advised as the younger fairies got out of the water.  “She told me that she needed to stop by and get something in Zenith before we arrive, so I tried to transport her straight to Zenith.”

“Why couldn’t you have done that in the first place?!” Nova sighed.

“Technology fairies and water magic do not quite mesh well,” Tecna replied.  “Just like how, if you drop your cell phone in the water, it short-circuits and stops working.  As such, I do not pick Sirenix skills up as quickly as other fairies do.”

“But more importantly, we need to know the time,” Roxy said.  “If we still have time, we could check into a hotel for a night and find Theta tomorrow for our actual residence.”

“I’m a moon fairy, so I should be able to calibrate the time by looking at the correlation between the satellite up there and the stars down there.  By the satellite’s position, we should be able—Why do I keep getting weird looks today?!”

Nova sighed and clarified, “I’m going to look at the moon is to estimate the time.  Since the moon is so high up, it must be midnight.  And inertia is a property of matter.”

“But what does that last sentence have to do with the situation?” Tecna questioned.  “Wait, did you just say midnight?!”

“I’m getting tired, and that was the only other ‘scientific’ thing I could think of,” Nova sighed.  “But for that matter, what does midnight have to do with anything?”

The Sirenix fairy pointed to the sky, which was beginning to crowd with a huge cluster of fairies.  Some held weapons and some looked as though they were about to use a spell, but none of them seemed to look friendly, and all seemed as though they were about to attack.

“There must be thousands of them!” Nova shouted as the army flew further and further down.  “I hope the law of inertia tells them to stop moving, because Faragonda said we couldn’t use our powers!”

“Oh, great,” Roxy muttered.  “I hope Faragonda would understand, because if we don’t use our powers, we might not get the chance to pay the rest of our tuition!”

“There’s only one thing on Zenith that’s absolutely constant,” Tecna whispered as she prepared to fight.  “The sooner you learn that, the better.  Stay on this realm as long as you’d like, as long you aren’t out after hours.

“Because at midnight every night, the air raids begin.”

To be continued…

Note: For those actually curious, here are the English translations for the two phrases Éponine says.

1. “There are a lot of fairies who Grizelda doesn’t like.  She’s always grumpy.  So, don’t worry.  You are a good fairy.  Never forget that.”

2. “You’re not a pixie, so it won’t be difficult for you.”

Random Winx Confessions


I came across something when I was randomly searching for Winx online one time, and it’s pretty interesting.  It’s called “Winx Confessions,” and it’s pretty much where you admit random things you’ve thought about the show.  It’s really fun, so I was thinking that maybe you can post some of yours.  Here are mine:

  • I honestly wish that there was an actual Fruiti Music Bar in real life.  If there was, I’d go there all the time, since the smoothie shop in my town got closed down.
  • Someday, I reeeeeally want to go to Rainbow Magic Land.
  • As much as some people may diss FloraxHelia, I really like it.  As unrealistic as they can be, I’ve always loved shojo manga-like relationships like those.
  • I’ve tried just about all the main Stella transformation hairstyles in real life.  The Enchantix/Believix one looks really good on me, but it takes some time to do.  I even have little leather ponytail holders like the Magic Winx Stella, so if I ever go to Rainbow Magic Land, I might do a cosplay!
  • I just realized that if Piff is meant to act just like a real baby, she’d have separation anxiety from Aisha and would be crying through S4 and S5.  Thank goodness the pixies are coming back…
  • One time, I got really mad because somebody thought Mirta and Tressa were ugly.  I think they’re really cute.  The Tressa complaint was because she has thick eyebrows.
  • I’ve also thought about how mermaids would wax their eyebrows underwater, and now I understand why Tressa would have thick eyebrows.  The wax would probably melt underwater!
  • My all-time favorite wings are Stella’s Enchantix wings (because they look like stained glass) and Aisha’s Believix wings (because of the jewel details and the crescent-like shape).
  • For some odd reason, I rather like Galatea.
  • I still think Roxy should be a Winx.
  • When I first saw the S3 theme song sequence, I thought Chimera was going to be the next Winx!  Too weird, right?
  • One time, 4kids had an advertisement for the Golden Kingdom arc showing the other Winx fighting Bloom with the tagline, “The Winx go against one of their own.”  I thought it meant the return of Dark Bloom and thought about all the new powers she would get with Bloom’s Enchantix, like dust that would spread disease and the power to become giant.  Then I was really mad when the clips were just from a practice fight…
  • I actually kind of like that Musa isn’t a complete tomboy.  That’s the way I am with my clothes.  I don’t dress girly all the time, and still have a lot of T-shirts.  I don’t think the media shows those sorts of girls enough.
  • Some people may think that Stella’s sailor outfit makes her look like she’s younger, but I like it.
  • Enchantix will always be my favorite transformation.
  • I was never a fan of Harmonix.  But I like the darker color swap for the Comic-Con doll.
  • Really, blue and black should be Bloom’s main colors.  I’ve always wanted to see a good fairy wearing black.  White would be nice too.  I imagine Mirta having a black Enchantix and Galatea having a white one.
  • I wish Musa still wore pigtails.  I really liked it in S3 with her long pigtails.
  • Seriously, Flora should wear buns more.
  • I am amazed at how much volume Aisha has when she ties her hair back.  I wish mine could look that good…
  • I love Bloom’s Harmonix hairstyle.
  • Winx has taught me that boy-short hair can look awesome.  Many of my favorite hairstyles are Tecna’s (any of hers, but especially Sirenix and training), Tressa’s (though she does technically have a ponytail in back), Mirta’s…I love how Rainbow doesn’t think only long hair is attractive.  I have long hair…but I’d really like to cut it one day.
  • Of course, you’d probably know that I really want Nabu back…
  • …but I want Roy and Aisha to stay friends.  There’s never been a male/female friendship on Winx, and I could see Aisha as being the type to like these friendships.  Honestly, I’m that type as well.

So the group challenge for this week is to come up with “confessions” like this.  Pretty simple, right?  So go ahead!

Also, the music video event is nearing its close.  Please suggest songs posted here that you’d like to see in the final round.

Next week or two weeks from now will be Fanfic Week.  I’m working diligently on four different fanfics, three of which will be released as serials.  The titles are Zenith of Corruption, Black Gold, Riven’s Requiem, and The Elements of Harmonix.  Please tell me which one you’d like to see first so that I can finish it first!