Mystery Doll Review and Possible Promo Deal!


Hi there, everyone!  A few weeks ago, I found a super cute Witty/Giochi Winx doll for a really good price ($41 plus international shipping) on eBay, so I thought I’d review it here.  I just got it yesterday, and it’s the first European Winx doll I’ve ever bought.  So, here it is:



As you can see, this is a Fruity Aisha doll from Season 4.  Unlike the Jakks boxes, which are largely made out of plastic, about half of this one is cardboard, and the other half is plastic.  It makes me think about the types of boxes Barbies used to come in.  And with the European dolls, they are much easier to get out of the pesky packaging.  A lot of the doll is kept in the box through simple rubber bands rather than twist ties, which I love.  It seems a whole lot better for the environment than the boxes they use now.  Plus, the box is pretty attractive on its own.

Here’s the design for the side, which has a nice fruit pattern:



And here is the back:

ogblog 3


The other Fruity dolls look pretty good, too.  I really like the Tecna and Musa ones.  Musa has straight pigtails in this outfit on the show, but I like her braids on the doll.  Maybe I’ll get one…or perhaps I’ll find another really good deal for a different line.

Anyway, let’s start with the actual doll reviewing, rather than just looking at the pretty box:



Normally, shoes don’t really thrill me on dolls like this.  However, I think these ones are really cute, and I like how they aren’t heels.  It seems like an awful lot of Winx dolls in America have heels, and I like that Witty just gave her simple sandals.  I like the color and the design a lot.  Make sure not to take the rubber bands off, though, as these shoes are backless and will otherwise come off easily.  Now let’s go to the torso:



Maybe I’m biased (since I already liked Aisha’s Fruity outfit), but I really love these clothes!  The watermelon top is a cute design, and I like the lace details at the bottom.  They really put some detail into this top.  The rubber band-like objects are there because otherwise the sleeveless tube top would not stay on, which is something that would look really tacky on people, but still looks good on the doll.  The shorts aren’t as intricate, but they don’t really need to be.  Remember, we’re talking about Aisha here.  Plus, they look like simple beach/summer shorts, which were probably what the designers were going for.



Is it just me, or is it absolutely awesome how the eyes actually look like the eyes on the show?  I’m not sure about the double-layer eyeshadow thing (not something I’d try myself), but the eyes are still pretty accurate.  Her hair is soft (unlike the Jakks dolls, which have the texture you get when you use too much hair spray) and is very easy to brush.  I mean, this stuff is the type of silky smooth hair that people want to touch repeatedly.  Right out of a shampoo commercial compared to Jakks.  But Jakks has its own strengths:

ogblog7This is a side-by-side comparison with a Jakks Aisha Believix doll.  I kinda like how the Witty one is shorter, as it shows a different, more petite body type.  However, the thing about the Witty doll that I don’t like as much (in fact, it’s probably its main weakness) is that the hair and skin aren’t quite as dark.  Jakks’ color scheme is pretty good, even though the hair isn’t as good a quality.  And I love Aisha’s Jakks skin tone not just because it’s slightly darker, but because it looks incredibly beautiful.  It’s like the “glowing” skin they advertise in lotion commercials.  And of course, you can’t beat Jakks’ wings.

So here’s another shot of the full doll:



And another fun thing about this doll is that it comes with an air mattress, which is a sort of inflatable raft for the pool.  I blew it up for the review, but I don’t plan on using it because I’m not sure how the doll would handle falling in water (and washing the clothes would probably be a nightmare).  But the mattress is very cute and makes a very nice decoration for a room (which is what I did with it).  All in all, a very good idea for a companion item with the doll.



And here’s Aisha on top of it:



Before I do the rest of the review, the air mattress reminded me of summer drinks, which led me to this week’s Rainbow Dust fan question: what type of drink do you like during the summertime?  Here are some of my favorites:

  • the McDonald’s smoothies (all flavors recommended, and I like mine without yogurt)
  • just about any strawberry smoothie
  • fresh-squeezed or homemade lemonade (simply a classic)
  • Sonic limeades (plain)
  • Auntie Anne’s Blue Raspberry lemonade, which is made with a mix put inside regular lemonade (I really want to try the mango flavor, too)

So, I’d also like to tell you guys that the person who put this doll up for auction is actually from Italy and has a lot of Winx dolls and other memorabilia (like comics, stickers, etc) up.  You can access him as Piero on eBay or at his site (  The nice thing about him is that normally, he gives out free shipping.  But even better, if you buy from him, you could have a chance of getting a bonus promo Winx item, so if you want to buy any Witty dolls or other Winx items, this is the place to be.  I ended up getting a really cute promo poster for Season 5 with the sailor outfits, which is really cool because America doesn’t even make Winx posters!



Sure, it only has the main four Winx.  But it’s still pretty nice, and I’ll probably put it up.  So if you want a chance to win a promotional item like this, visit the website!  If any of you guys get lucky, tell me which free item you got, since I’m kind of curious to see some of the other possible freebies.


Okay, this song might not directly fit into the theme, but this is more of a “joke song.”  I remember seeing the play it’s in and when I looked at the title, I thought, “this is what Winx fans feel when Nick decides to put off new episodes for another week.”  And they wonder why we’re writing letters.  But regardless, here’s “Agony.”  (The chorus is especially funny for the situation.)

I was thinking for a while about which song to do for Tecna/Timmy, and for the longest time, the only one I could come up with is “Alien Heart” from Phineas and Ferb (which would actually be kinda hilarious).  But, while I wasn’t able to find a theme song for their entire relationship, there’s a good song I found for a particularly heartwarming moment in that love.  Namely, Timmy’s perseverance towards saving Tecna in S3 when she was trapped in the Omega Dimension.  So, here’s “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” by the Moody Blues.  (Like Billy Joel, I also really recommend this band in general.)  But it even has some techno touches, so it really seems to fit…

And finally, I thought I’d put a song up here about a different sort of relationship.  A lot of Musa’s character surrounds her relationship with her mother, so I thought it’d be right to put a song up about it.   It sounds like a love song, but it also seems to even evoke the environment of Melody to me.  (“Cry no more on the shore of dreams?”  Definitely Matlin, complete with the amazing voice.)  Plus, the phrase “my love” could be a pet name for a daughter, also.  But anyway…this is also the first female-sung song I’ve posted.  Here’s Rita Coolidge with “We’re All Alone.”

I’d like to say that I’m really glad you like the music segment.  It really makes me proud of you guys, so thanks a bunch!

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  1. It’s been a while since the last post, can you please write more? You also said something about the “Summer Rainbow Festival”, are you planning on starting that anytime soon?

    • So sorry! I was on a really long vacation, so that’s why I haven’t been able to post much. I should be posting something new tonight or tomorrow night.

      And the festival has been going on for a while with the music videos. Another part of the festival, Fanfic Week, should be starting pretty soon. I’ll post three to four fanfictions that I wrote, including the one all of you have been waiting for for a while. 😉

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