A Matter of Trust


It’s been an interesting time, getting to know many of the Winx fans, browsing the blogs, and discovering fans’ opinions.  I’ve received a lot of insight about the program that I wouldn’t have gotten if I’d just watched it alone and never became a part of this community.  And a large part of it involves Bloom and Sky.

Now, if you’re expecting this post to be a rant against Bloom, you’re mistaken.  But when I was little and watched Season One, my mind glossed over a lot of the Diaspro revelation.  Just like Rainbow probably wanted to, I watched the couple and had no problem with them.  But as I got older and went on these blogs, I realized just how serious this issue was.  I saw no problem as a kid with Sky flirting with Bloom, since Diaspro was just an arranged fiancee.  I was too young to comprehend the idea of “cheating” and just assumed that Diaspro was a jerk and they were meant to be together.

If any relationship has shown its age, it’s Bloom/Sky.  Just look at Season Five, for instance.  Bloom is frantic over Diaspro becoming the king’s liaison, jumps to conclusions, and thinks that Sky no longer loves her, even though he’s just in a meeting.  We could point fingers at either one of them for straining their relationship.  But since this is a “positive” blog, I’d rather look at the psychology behind their troubles.  Relationship trust issues are complicated things that all too often are amplified by past events.

While it certainly doesn’t show in Seasons One and Two, that’s really where the root of their problems began.  When Bloom thought she was the only woman in Sky’s life, the two were your average peaceful couple, strolling in parks and chatting about their troubles.  But just look at how a few episodes can make a difference.  As soon as Sky revealed his true name, that trust was ruptured.  Sky kept trying to explain, frantic to get his girlfriend back.  Bloom was covered in tears and couldn’t feel more betrayed.  The two got back together and started their perfect-couple act.  But in actuality, that type of relationship had been ruptured forever.

Season Three is where that act begins to unfold.  Bloom’s schoolgirl crush on Professor Avalon had resulted in yet another betrayal.  And once Diaspro gave Sky the potion, she fell over the edge of depression again.  Sky begged over and over for her forgiveness, but Bloom had gone off to Pyros before he could do anything.  She put her whole heart into her battle against Valtor as a way of avoiding this major crack in her relationship.  Even though it’d been revealed that Sky’s behavior was just the effects of a potion, Bloom never seemed to fully comprehend that.  She saw with her own eyes how easily Sky could be turned over to Diaspro’s side, and was too emotionally distraught to see life without him.  Even with her friends, she’d still seen Sky as her main happiness in her life, and without him, she always just seemed to snap.

I don’t think Bloom obsesses over Diaspro out of hatred or spite.  The more I look at her character, the more I see her constant fear of breakup as a psychological, not a personality, issue.  She fears even the tiniest encounter between Sky and Diaspro, and I think a lot of that goes back to her realization that she had been lied to in the first season.  She cherishes the good times she has with Sky to the point that she will do anything to keep them together.  The wrong relationships can bring out the worst in people, and unfortunately, the desperation of a girl to continue dating someone who wronged them is far from uncommon.  Therefore, I don’t think it’s so much her fault as it was an all too common psychological problem.  (By the way, there’s an excellent fanfic out there by Akela Victoire called “Burning Gems,” in which Bloom ditches Sky and forms a girl alliance with Diaspro.  While Bloom/Sky fans might not like it much, it’s sassy, feministic, and empowering.  Plus, I really like that this Diaspro is nowhere near your stereotypical mean girl.)


Now, if you’re wondering about the Rainbow Festival music segment, I’m one step ahead of you.  The name of the post was actually taken from a song, which I think really suits the Bloom/Sky relationship.  I really like this artist, Billy Joel, so I really recommend checking out some of his other songs!

Now, I know that there was already a song that was kind of similar to this sort of thing, I heard this song for the first time in a long time, and the lyrics really resonated with me.  It seemed, to me, like the type of thing Nabu would’ve been thinking as he died/went into a coma.  It’s the sort of song that mourns those relationships that were discovered too late, where fate makes a couple with chemistry only have a fleeting relationship.  In a sadly ironic twist, the singer who wrote this, Jim Croce, died not too long after it was released. So, since I gave Aisha two songs, and don’t have any yet for Nabu, here’s “Time in a Bottle.”

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  1. To be honest, I never thought the creators of Winx went that deep into Bloom and Sky’s relationship. If they had the time and effort to plan that out so well, why couldn’t have they tied up some loose ends or elaborated on other characters?? What you posted here was true, though. That song is pretty much Bloom-Sky in a nutshell.
    Over on Una Di Noi Winx there was the question of the perfect gift for Aisha. I think time in a bottle is perfect.
    It’s also very fitting that both songs are sung by guys. I really like this feature so far!

  2. It’s like they were going for the “fairy tale romance” thing, but did it poorly. I think they’re probably the least popular couple on the show. I was on a blog that had “if you could break up any couple, who would it be,” and those two had a large lead. Riven/Musa kind of grew on me; I hated it as I grew up, but I think a lot of that was because the 4kids dub had him being kind of a jerk. Some people complain about Flora/Helia not having any drama, but my girly, shojo manga side always liked that relationship.

    I really like looking at the songs and trying to see similarities to Winx in them. It can be difficult at times, but I like how it’s coming out.

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