To Believix or Not to Believix: Jakks Pacific’s Doll Dilemma


To be or not to be, that is the question.

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing, end–Oh, sorry there!  If you haven’t already guessed by me linking to a Renaissance poem last time around, I’m a bit of a bibliophile.  So, before I started randomly reciting Shakespeare, I was about to tell you guys about an e-mail I had with Desiree Taylor, a Jakks Pacific executive who follows this blog.  This correspondence led into two things I would like to discuss.

The first item is something that you have likely been looking forward to for quite a while.  I received confirmation from Desiree Taylor that the long-awaited Pop Disco collection should be shipped to stores hopefully as we speak.  The major problem with the budget dolls (which Pop Disco is confirmed to belong to) is finding them: you can’t find them at Walmarts or Targets like you can with the other collections.  I can’t be exact on where to buy them, as I’ve only seen the Season Four ones once.  Those were at a Walgreen’s, but this isn’t necessarily where the Pop Disco dolls will go.  It might be a good place to check out, though.  (And if your hometowns are anything like mine, they’re practically on every street corner!)

The other thing is this: a lot of you guys may have noticed that Harmonix dolls are much harder to find than we might have expected.  Toys ‘R Us stocks a good amount of them, but you’d be lucky to find one Bloom Harmonix at a Target or a Walmart.  This has been making me wonder why Believix dolls are so much easier to find, and Desiree gave me the answer: because of a little something called “overstock.”

Overstock is what allows many large franchises to have numerous items in their inventories without wasting too much money on one industry.  You see, for every month, a certain area of items is in demand.  Let’s look at this month, for example.  June demands include Father’s Day gifts, summer clothing, and outdoor items.  Toys (other than pool or water ones) are considered to be “winter” items because of the holiday rush.  Large stores only get small amounts of money to spend on items, and they don’t want to spend too much on things that people aren’t shopping for.  So they buy certain items in bulk so that they can easily replenish inventories.  Then they use most of their marketing on the items people are most likely to buy.  So, if you open up an ad from last Sunday, you’d be more likely to find a bathing suit or a barbecue grill on sale than a Winx doll.

Before Nickelodeon acquired the rights to Winx, it was an obscure brand that only appeared a few times in stores (I had only seen Mattel dolls once, and they were pretty hidden in the toy department).  So, with an inexperienced franchise, Jakks had to figure out how much of each doll the store could buy in bulk.  Assuming that Bloom was the main character, and therefore the most wanted doll, they made more of her than any of the others.  (That’s why you’re just about guaranteed to find a Bloom Believix doll just about anywhere.)  They only gave stores one of the so-called “minor characters” (Aisha, Tecna, or Musa) per set, and it seems to depend on location which one most of them stocked.  For instance, Tecna was the easiest to find of the three in my hometown, but I couldn’t find any Aisha ones.  I had to buy her online.

The important thing to clarify is that Believix dolls are not still being made.  Jakks stopped making them when the Harmonix line came out.  It only seems like they’re still being made because of the overstock situation in the stores.  So, as long as there are still Believix dolls in the warehouses, there will always be more of them than Harmonix dolls.  This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.  If you’re still looking for a Musa, Tecna, or Aisha Believix, you have a bit more time to get them, but if you’re looking for a Harmonix doll, you could still scan the stores, but eBay might also be a good bet.


Before I reveal this post’s music videos, I’d like to ask a question of the fans: “What was the most random situation that made you think of Winx Club?”  This is something that most fandoms experience, so I’d like to hear from you guys.  (In case you’re wondering, mine was when I read  Macbeth and whenever the three witches in the play appeared, I subconsciously thought about the Trix.)

Anyway, I got a lot of responses about the Aisha/Nabu relationship song I found.  Now it’s Musa/Riven’s turn with “I’m Not in Love.”  Whenever Musa and Riven have an argument (which is practically every season), this pretty much encompasses that moment.

And here’s the other song: “Hello.”  While a lot of people don’t like Roy (and I’m not even sure that I do), this is pretty much the song that best suits the little bit of personality he’s given in Season Five.  Since he doesn’t know about Nabu (presumably), the heartwrenching part about him is that he doesn’t even know if Aisha will truly like him or even accept him.  She’s just an unattainable girl to him.

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  1. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t that hard to find the Harmonix dolls where I live. Or maybe that’s just because I looked pretty much the first day it was released and it was around the holidays and maybe also because I live in a big city. The City Girl dolls were a whole different matter. What I asked for for Christmas was a Harmonix doll and a City Girl doll, and my brother got the right Harmonix one, but he got the wrong casual one. He said that was the only non-transformation one they had, so apparently they ran out of that type fast.
    The only places I’ve found Winx dolls are Toys R Us and Walmart. The problem with Walmart is that there’s only one in my town, so it’s very crowded. One time, on the outside of Walmart, (it was the time I was hunting for the Bloom Pink Enchantix doll) this woman with a baby came up to my dad and asked for help. He refused, because he doesn’t usually help strangers, and he’s not the politest person on the planet. I swear I told myself I should never go to Walmart again. But I probably will have to eventually.
    The weirdest time I’ve thought of Winx Club was during a computer test at school. One of the questions was, “What does the latin root ‘sol’ mean?” And I actually would have had no idea if I hadn’t thought of Solaria, so I immediately knew it meant something related to light. Another one of the questions on that same test was about the word desolate, and I suddenly thought of the episode in season 1 when Bloom goes into the magical reality chamber and asks for the most desolate place possible. Then I had an idea of what the answer could be.

  2. I don’t really collect the Winx dolls, but I’ve seen Bloom’s Believix and also Bloom, Stella and Flora’s Speedix wing pack at my local Walmart just in passing. Which is something, I guess. I haven’t seen Harmonix but next time I’ll go and look.
    In response to the songs. . .
    Oh, Riven, you stupid denying jerk. I can literally hear your mulishness. Not in love. Yeah, right.
    “Hello” actually really reminds me of Harry And Ginny in Half-Blood Prince. You know, with poor Harry having no idea how to approach girls in general, while at the same time trying to find “innocent reasons to look at Ginny.” And having “kissed her lips a thousand times” in his dreams.
    The weirdest time I remembered Winx Club is, again, related to Harry Potter. I was reading Order of the Phoenix for the first time, when Tonks is described as having short, vivid purple hair. I was like, “Oh my gosh, Tecna!”
    And now that I come to think of it, the Order of The Phoenix is a lot like the Company of Light.

  3. Actually, I had a similar moment to Katya’s when I read The Lost Hero in the Percy Jackson series. As soon as they described a character as having brown hair, pale skin, and not showing much emotion…I literally imagined her part being played by Kristen Stewart. xD

    Bloom’s Harmonix seems the easiest to find, and I haven’t seen any City Styles yet. There are a lot of Concert ones still out there too (though I swear I see more Stellas than Blooms in those).

    But thankfully, they’re starting to equalize the doll ratios. The Jakks Pacific correspondent had been on this blog before and was really nice! I don’t have any Harmonix dolls because I don’t really like Harmonix as a transformation much, and I’m trying to save money. I almost bought a Bloom one because the one Sibylla got had those beautiful anime curled ponytails that are probably impossible to style in real life (that is, within about twenty minutes).

    And I probably would’ve at least looked at the baby. I’m a bit odd, but as soon as I see a baby seat, I have to look inside to see the cute little face. I saw a redhead baby one time and that literally made my day (and I haven’t seen another one in a year).

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