Hello again, everyone.  This post will be a bit different from the ones I normally do because it is in two sections.  The first will be a regular, article-type like the ones I normally write, and the other will be music-based.  I’m doing this as a beginning to the Summer Rainbow Festival, a special celebration on this blog that will involve music, articles, fan fiction, and (hopefully) a revamp of the site layout.  There are two points I want to make here: that Zenith of Corruption took a bit more time to write than I thought (but it will be released in the festival), and that the revamp will not be a complete one, since fans tend to dislike it when sites do this (the Neopets revamp still makes some people mad, and that happened 4-5 years ago).  But for now, here’s the article portion:


If there’s one thing that’s been polarizing about Season 5, it’s Tritannus.  Dare I say it, there hasn’t been this much ruckus over a Winx villain since Darkar.  But, while the Wizards of the Black Circle and Valtor were largely accepted by fans, Tritannus couldn’t be more different.  So why do we think the way we do about this new antagonist?  And could he have been, in different hands, a more successful character?

  • Tritannus is too much like Valtor.

This is likely the major problem most of the fans have with him.  Both mutate mermaids, target Andros, fall in love with one of the Trix, and eventually end up with a mutant form.  Before S5, every villain was essentially handled differently, but if you look at these two, it’s easy to see why they could be seen as being too similar.  And let’s face it: a lot of the reason why Valtor is more well-liked by the fans is because a lot of them see Tritannus as just an angsty person who has tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, which leads us to our next point:

  • Tritannus is only doing this because he wants to overthrow his brother.

A lot of villains on Winx are evil just because they want to be, but Tritannus is really just jealous.  This isn’t to say that jealous villains can’t be good ones: take Scar from The Lion King for instance.  He’s one of the most popular villains in the Disney universe, if not in the animated universe, because he doesn’t just whine about his plans not going right.  Rather than attacking all his family members (like someone else we know), he tries to turn them over to his side (or at least the impressionable Simba).

If Tritannus had done more things other than trying to get to the Infinite Ocean, he might’ve turned out a lot better.  For instance, Valtor didn’t have to blind Aisha or mess with Diaspro.  He could have found other ways to do these things, but he did them just because he wanted to mess with people.  Tritannus lacks charisma, and perhaps that’s part of the reason why the fans don’t find him to be any better than the characters do.

  • Tritannus is not a big enough threat.

Since he mainly stays close to his little corner in the Infinite Ocean or Earth, he doesn’t pillage random magical territories.  Therefore, he doesn’t seem like a problem in places other than the aforementioned two.  I could understand the Sovereigns’ Council trying to address Valtor or Darkar, but just Tritannus?  Really?  While his mutant figure can be intimidating at times, if you’re not a selkie, a human, or a Winx, he won’t attack you.  Also, did you notice that Faragonda hasn’t put up the Alfea shield yet?  Whenever there’s a huge threat coming (other than the Wizards of the Black Circle), the force field comes up.  Therefore, this comes across as him being an amateur, wannabe villain, and honestly, I agree with Faragonda.

  • He messed up the Trix.

Now, you could say that the Trix have gone downhill since S2, but there is so much more they could have done with Tritannus.  Even though they don’t all go mooning over the villain like in S2 and S3, they could still act as bruisers or bodyguards (think the hyenas from our Lion King analogy) who don’t really care that much about his needs.  But no, Icy’s the only one he acknowledges, and many fans think he ruined her character forever.  (If the Trix have to return, I’d really like them to be mercenaries who are just in it for the money and have minimal loyalty for the actual villain.  Ooh, I could just see them pulling something like that for their own self-gain!)


That’s the end of the article segment.  However, this is far from the end of the post.  This new section is called “Station WINX” (believe it or not, there is an actual radio station with these four letters).  With every summer post, I will include two to three music videos with songs that I feel reflect Winx characters or plotlines.  Now, my musical taste isn’t like a lot of peoples’.  I’m into more of a retro-type thing, so if this isn’t your type, you don’t have to participate in this, but it might be nice to try something new.  Let’s get started!


The first song up is called “Last Resort” by the Eagles.  Season 5 is a very environmentally-based season, so I decided to show you one of my favorite ecologically-themed songs.  To warn you, it’s about seven minutes long, so if you aren’t fond of long songs, this may not be the one for you.  It also plays very softly, so make sure you have your computer volume up high enough to hear it.


Now, onto our next song: “Tough Guys,” from REO Speedwagon.  This song is meant to encompass Aisha’s personality from Seasons 2 and 3.  In other words, it’s her “single” song (since people really do change in relationships). It’s also louder, so you don’t have to have your volume on as high.  It is also the shortest of the three.


This one is the most mainstream out of all of them, meaning that it’s probably the most likely of the three to be played on an oldies station.  You may even have heard this one before: it’s “Copacabana” from Barry Manilow.  But if you look at the lyrics, it pretty much suits Aisha’s S4-S5 personality.  To me, while it’s upbeat at first, it truly captures Aisha’s intense anguish in these seasons.  It’s not so much a song about her problems with Tritannus as it is about her mourning for Nabu.

And speaking of these two, I’ve heard a poem in one of my English classes that suits them very well.  It’s called “A Valediction Forbidding Mourning,” and it’s by John Donne.  A link to it can be found here: .  However, it’s an older poem, so if you’re intimidated by Renaissance literature, I’m not forcing you to read it.  (If anything, it shows my nerdiness towards the English language.)  So only read this one if it actually interests you.

Also, I’d like you to post which one of the songs you liked best.  Perhaps we could even have a voting competition between this song feature later in the summer.  See you then!

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  1. Yeah, Tritannus is a horrible villain. The comparisons to Valtor don’t help him at all. He has the same goal as many of the other villains, but he lacks the credibility and power to do it. As for the Trix, they were already messed up by season 3. They were actually at their best in season 2, even if they weren’t as powerful.

    The Trix being messed up just highlights one of the big problems with season 5, the threat level. The Trix as noted are hardly a serious threat to the Winx. The battle in the Alfea archives was even, and the battle on Graynor favored the Trix. Every other time the Trix were the underdogs. They’re a threat to many, but not the Winx. Tritannus on the other hand got a bit of power, and then thought he could do anything. He has nothing to suggest that he can do anything to the Magic Dimension at large, which is why it was turned into tinfoil via the Infinite Ocean. Fighting wise he can barely take on Aisha or Bloom on their own, and anymore means he has to run away. Which is the only thing he’s good at. Heck, Selkies are a threat to him. The only reason he wasn’t beaten earlier is because the Winx were too dumb to take his trident in the two chances they had. I wouldn’t count Faragonda’s shield against him though, as he has no reason to attack Alfea. The Trix do, but Faragonda isn’t going to put the school on lockdown on the off chance that a few criminals will attack a place where they’re outmatched.

    Tritannus is far and away the weakest villain on a relative scale. Dragon Flame Icy could summon an army of thousands and still have enough power to freeze a lake and take on Bloom. It took over a dozen people to beat Darkar. Valtor as often noted was ridiculously strong. Ogron, while not incredibly strong, had a good power and was a great fighter, so he could beat most people one-on-one. Tritannus does nothing to impress, and he’s very reliant on the Trix, who have done a few impressive stuff in season 5. I’d almost say he’s the absolute weakest main villain, his only competition being Dragon Flame Icy.

  2. I’m really surprised at how Copacabana really fits Aisha, right down to dancing and Nabu working at Frutti Music and ‘Lola’ sounding like ‘Layla.’
    The Last Resort gave me shivers. . . I love the song, but I don’t think it really has to do with Winx Club.

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