Before you guys say anything, I’d like to tell you that no, this is not a post about basic addition facts.  In fact, I’d wager a guess that none of you find this post name to be groundbreaking.  It’s common knowledge.  However, when applied to the Winx world, it can explain why Season 5 is perceived as bad by fans (and not just because Alfea has yet to put up the magical barrier that they do in nearly every dangerous situation, therefore making Tritannus not as much of a threat).

A bunch of people have felt as though this season was copying past Winx plotlines.  However, I’ve found that most of these recycled stories come from either Season 2 or Season 3.  Therefore, 2+3=5.  Why might they have done this?  Well, I’m not really sure about why they would rehash parts of S3, but I can understand why it feels a bit like S2.  After all, they lost a lot of plot by compacting S2 into a one-hour special, which might make them feel like they could get away with more.  But this isn’t so much a post about why they do the things they do, but rather about a list of comparisons, some obvious and some surprising, that I’d like to make:

  • Both S2 and S5 have the Winx bonding to magical creatures, pixies in S2 and selkies in S5.  The problem most fans have is that there’s a certain nostalgia that comes from the pixies, who were very well-received.  However, ever since S4, the pixies were kind of left in Pixie Village and sadly enough, forgotten.  That, plus the fact that the selkies all have similar designs and not a lot of personality.  If I had to pick a favorite selkie, I’d pick Serena just because I think the flame print on her tail (while oxymoronic) is also cool.  (By the way, my favorite pixie is Piff, since I think sleep powers are surprisingly cool, especially during finals weeks, and also because I’ve always had a soft spot for babies.)
  • There are also the obvious Tritannus-Valtor connections.  The fact is that both had headquarters on Andros for a while, both turned mermaids into mutants, both acted as Icy’s love interest, both harmed Queen Ligea in some way, and both targeted Aisha (at least, Valtor targeted her when the Winx first went to Andros).  However, this can serve as a sort of disadvantage to Tritannus, as Valtor is a popular villain and Tritannus is much less developed.  I even want to draw a comic that has Tritannus signing “I am the undersea Valtor…”
  • Both S3 and S5 have Aisha meeting with a new love interest.  However, Roy and Tritannus share a common problem: they are overshadowed by past characters.  Except Roy just might have it worse.  Nabu’s ambiguous “death” left a lot of things open, and many Winx fans (not just Nabu’s fangirls) still ship Aisha/Nabu.
  • Some people notice some similarities between Enchantix and Harmonix, and Stella’s regular dress looks a little like Bloom’s Enchantix dress.
  • There are also those who believe that Darkar was also a mainly undeveloped villain, like Tritannus.
  • The Emperor’s Throne deal seems a bit like the Codex…
  • Depending on the dub you watch, the Shadow Fire might have a curse on it just like Sirenix.
  • Both S2 and S5 have a Musa spotlight episode dealing with her mother’s death, and both contain original songs.
  • Timmy and Tecna also have issues communicating in S2.
  • Both S3 and S5 have Diaspro trying to mess with Bloom and Sky’s relationship.
  • S3 and S5 both have looks at all of the Winx home realms (except S3 never showed Zenith).
  • The home realm sequences slightly develop the characters, a bit like the Charmix episodes.

If you have any other comparisons that I didn’t bring up, post them here!  Finding similarities can actually be pretty interesting…

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  1. I think you pretty much covered everything. I can’t see any other comparisons right off the top of my head. . . maybe I’ll think of something. . .

    • Oh yeah. Aisha is a central character in both S2 and S5. There’s also missions that involve groups of three fairies.

  2. S2 and S5 try to split the screen time evenly between the Winx. S5 doesn’t successfully do it, but it tries. S3 and S5 have the Trix be mostly just nuisances. S3 and S5 have less focus on the Specialists, though S3 wasn’t that bad about it. S3 and S5 both have a lot of focus on getting the new transformation, which wasn’t that big a deal in S4. S3 and S5 both place the focus on stopping the main villain. S3 and S5 make the Magic Dimension look like tinfoil. S3 and S5 place less emphasis on Magix, though it’s still important. S3 and S5 have Stella and Aisha deal with family issues. Honestly, I don’t think S5 takes too much after S2. It’s trying to emulate S3, but underwater, since that seems to be the most popular season.

    • Here’s my thing: yes, the S3 things are more obvious. It’s almost like it’s S3, but underwater, and a lot of the structure (the threes on missions, focus on Tecna/Timmy improvement, Flora’s confidence issues, and other such things) of S2. I still believe that S6 still has hope of being good, they just need to realize that rehashing past seasons doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

      • it really doesn’t, but the screen time needs to be split 7 ways instead of 6(each guy is considered part of their respective girlfriend’s screentime as that’s how it’s been this season,Sky and Brandon getting tops) like in season 3 it was the pixies who had a day in the limelight, something Roxy desperately needs after a season on the sidelines,I wanted to see her study and bond with Zing! Hopefully there’s still a chance of that happening.

      • I really want Roxy and the pixies to come back, too. And, while we’re on the topic of people I want to come back…as much as I’m trying to write a fanfic to give Roy some personality, I still hope Nabu’s just in a coma.

  3. Well, I think Season 3 and 5 (and Season 4 to a lesser extent) have suffered from the problem of the sub-plots being somewhat awkwardly paced, as in a sub-plot being brought up and not being mentioned again until several episodes later.

    Like in Season 3 there was the whole deal with Chimera and Cassandra which started early in the series, but not much happened there until episode 19, and then there was Diaspro’s deal with Valtor, which we didn’t see much of after the spell on Sky was broken, and the next we hear of it is a few episodes later when it has mostly been resolved off-screen.

    And of course, there was the whole thing with Aisha and Nabu’s arranged marriage, which was first brought up at the end of episode 9, while the sub-plot itself didn’t really go anywhere until episode 18, and as a consequence, Nabu didn’t really get much screentime either. (I intend to write a fanfic which basically focuses on Nabu during Season 3, with the events leading up to him meeting the Winx and so on)

    In Season 5, there was the whole deal with Helia and Krystal/Crystal (however her name is spelled) which was brought up early, but didn’t really go anywhere until episode 22 or so. And of course, just like Nabu, Roy didn’t really get all that much screentime. While Roy may have had it slightly better than Nabu did by being introduced earlier in the season he was introduced than Nabu was, we didn’t really get to see much development regarding the possible relationship between him and Aisha.

    There’s certainly still hope for the show, the writers just need to get a little better at pacing their sub-plots. (and possibly cut down on some of the filler that the viewers don’t really care for)

  4. I thought Bloom and Sky were cute in S5, up to the moment when he regained his memory. Then, I didn’t care anymore.
    And oh, do you have any sources for your list or did it just come from your head? Because I’d love to read another blog about S5.

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