I knew you were probably expecting my next post to be the first chapter of Zenith of Corruption, and as a matter of fact, that’s the way I myself was expecting it.  However, with the success of my last post, The Rules of Winx Fandom, I felt like I wanted to take a more serious side on one of the issues brought up in that post.

So, before I bring up the actual main idea of the post, I’d like you all to listen to this song. 

(Now, it’s in French, but don’t worry.  The English lyrics are here:  Pretty much, what the song’s all about is rivalries throughout history and how, if you were to put yourself in their shoes, you might make the same decisions they did.  Doesn’t apply to Winx Club much, does it?

Actually, and sadly, it does.  That gets me to my main point: the RAI/4kids rivalry.  It’s been around forever, at least ever since there’s been an English dub of Winx, and all Nick did was throw another party into the battle.  Most of the time, the fans of the two groups just criticize the other group, simple as that.  That’s not what I have a problem with.

Now, I don’t want to name names, and I want this to be completely anonymous.  However, I saw some people on the Winx blogs discussing how, not only is the 4kids dub not “really” Winx Club, but also implied that 4kids fans were not true Winx fans.

I know that 4kids fans had some difficulty moving on to the Nick dub’s changes, and I know that this caused people some annoyance.  But can’t there be a way to criticize a certain dub without criticizing its fanbase?  Are those commenters truly correct?

If you look at some of the most successful Winx blogs out there, Believix Wings and Just Another Winx Fan, both of their creators, Sibylla and Eric, originally started watching the show through 4kids.  Even if you are on the same sides as they are, put yourself in the shoes of another dub fandom: would you still go on their sites or stop going there because they’re different?  If they find news that has been reported by no one else, would you believe them?

I have faith that you would.  I too originally watched 4kids, and didn’t have that much trouble adapting to the new changes.  I can somewhat understand where the RAI fans may be coming from, as yes, 4kids did make a lot of changes, and a lot of their fans didn’t know that Winx Club was from Italy and thought Nick stole it.  But I found out easily enough: it’s on the Wikipedia page for it.

Think of this as my equivalent to a moment in Season 4.  I’m being like Roxy right now, trying to convince the Earth fairies that not all humans are bad.  And I’m saying that not all 4kids fans are bad, and that not all RAI fans are bad.  Same goes for Nick fans.  There are just those people out there who put us in a negative light, and I understand that you want to take it out on others.  But at least try to reason with one another.  Look past the dubs and realize that fandoms should be categorized by similarities, not by differences from within.  Look for those similarities, and don’t take the easy way out with stereotypes.  See into the person’s true nature.  If we reject all new fans, or all fans that don’t meet certain requirements, we won’t have a fanbase anymore.  Because even if they meet their goal, and the opposing parties go away, they’ll just find more things to fight about with one another.

That doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to like something you don’t.  That’s not what I mean at all.  You can still have your opinions, your constructive criticisms.  You don’t even have to listen to me at all.  But don’t label the fans themselves.  They deserve better than to be insulted.  At the end of the day, they like the same characters, the same animation, just with different scripts and somewhat different plots.  And I am not ashamed to be a 4kids fan.

No, I refuse to call myself a 4kids fan.  That just goes along with the labeling, the cliques, the teasing.  Why use their terms when I’m really just trying to stop all this.

I am not a 4kids fan.  I am a Winx fan.

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  1. Thank you for pointing this out. You do not criticize the fans, attack the dub instead. I started watching the show from 4kids and when it was over I watched the RAI for comparison purposes and the deal with Season 4 and the movies. People should never go attacking other fans because they like different dubs. The RAI/4kids rivalry is sickening and while Nick is trying to fix and cause problems at the same time to the point I feel ready to hurl. I only had one complaint about the RAI dub, it’s hard to tell who’s speaking unless it’s Stella,Flora and Tecna who are already popular as PBS voices (Caillou’s mother,Fern and Francine respectively). I would say that the real winx fans actually act like people and not animals (who use the I’m a real fan and you’re not phrase.) which if The Winx were real and aware of their fans they would say something like this.

    • I just thought it was something that needed to be said. I hope that one day, we will focus on what makes us the same instead of looking at differences about ourselves. The rivalry might even turn off some fans who really just wanted to watch the show. That’s why I called myself a Winx fan instead of a 4kids fan: because that’s what I consider myself to be. I’m not going to use the “I’m from X dub” definition of fan anymore.

      Oh, and did you like the song? I heard it in my French class and I thought it was really cool!

      • The song is, and I never use the I’m an X dubber either, I am a Winx fan, however I know where most of the mess is, on youtube, I think they need to read this about how everyone is different but we all like Winx, even if it was presented to us differently.

      • I loved it. Yeah I often see it on youtube and I really hate it. It well hopefully cool down maybe when the 4kids show long forgotten

      • Yeah, I agree. I’m also in the Warrior Cats fandom too, but I stopped going on the forums because there’s so much us-versus-them in their fandoms. Even liking a character can make someone mad! (One time, someone even called one of my faves a wimp!) Not to mention that Firestar-hating is their answer to Bloom-hating. But Winx still has a chance to not turn into one of these alienating fandoms. Nothing against Warrior Cats books (I still read them), but heck, they’re the picture on the TV Tropes Base Breaker page! We certainly don’t want to be the next of that sort of thing!

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