The Rules of Winx Fandom!


If you go on enough Winx blogs, you’ll find that there tends to be a pattern as to the way the fans observe the show.  Whether major or minor, these patterns are the “Rules of Winx Fandom,” and while you don’t need them to be a fan, a lot of fans can relate to saying or hearing one of these things.  In short, these rules aren’t set in stone, and are largely generalizations, but they’re fun for making observations (or counting how many times these show up…or making a bingo board out of these).  So, without further ado, here they are:

1.) In any situation, no matter how illogical, the topic will always shift to Nabu.  No exceptions.

Now, this is one I’d like to elaborate on.  This is (in my opinion) the ultimate Winx rule.  Think of how many times you’ve seen people discuss whether Nabu is dead or in a coma.  Now look at a major fan blog (Una di Noi works best, since it consistently gets the most posts/hits) and look at how many topics he comes up in.  I’d venture to guess that he gets almost as many, if not more, mentions as Bloom.  That’s right, the main character.  Nabu really is magical.

2.) If for some reason Nabu does not come up, Roxy will be mentioned.

3.) If Roy is mentioned at all, he will be a subject of complaint.  Anything he does will be seen as a flirtatious behavior towards Aisha, who is treated as though she still has a fiance.

P.S. That “Roy being Nabu in disguise” theory you may have heard was actually a fan theory I posted on TV Tropes a while ago under my account “ravenfrost.”  I never thought it would actually be debated to this extent!  (And no, I’m not taking credit for someone else’s idea, though someone else may have reached the same conclusion.)

4.) If Bloom is mentioned, she will be a subject of complaint.  She will likely also be blamed for the lack of special edition dolls for other characters or even Musa and Tecna dolls themselves.

5.) The only Stella people complain about will be her Nick personality.  Her original personality is intensely liked by a large chunk of the fandom.

6.) People will scream in happiness when a minor character is seen in a preview clip or any preview art.  (Galatea at the Sovereigns’ Council, most recently).

7.) Winx fans have a condition known as pixie withdrawal, which stems from the lack of small, winged beings for a long period of time.  The only true cure is for Rainbow to bring pixies back.  Selkies have been proven not to cure pixie withdrawal.

8.) Every time Tritannus talks about needing more energy, a fan will be groaning somewhere.  Eventually, it starts a chain reaction.

9.) There will be Musa/Riven drama in every season.  Some fans will likely groan at this, too.

10.) Never talk about a certain dub unless you want to be criticized.  There is no rivalry like the 4kids/RAI rivalry.

11.) Musa and Tecna will never get enough screen time.  Bloom will always steal the attention somehow.

12.) Almost no one likes the Sirenix hair color changes.

13.) Enchantix will always be seen as the universally best fairy transformation.

14.) No one likes both Harmonix and Sirenix.  You either hate Sirenix, hate Harmonix, or hate both of them.

15.) No matter what happens, we’ll stay loyal Winx fans.  No matter how negative something is, we’ll always see the positives of it.  And Winx will always be close to our hearts.

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  1. 1. Seems reasonable. Nabu was kind of a big thing, and it shocked everyone.

    2. Roxy has been consistently ignored after being hyped up as the new major character. I’m not a big fan of her, but I understand the disappointment.

    3. No idea what to think of Roy. People are out to get him since he’s seen as a replacement love interest, which are almost always hated. Until he does something to distinguish himself, no one will care for him. The Roy is Nabu theory is not a good theory though.

    4. Bloom certainly gives people a lot to complain about. I do wonder, do the Musa and Tecna dolls sell much when they’re actually available?

    5. Stella was great before, now with Nick she’s becoming worse and worse. It’s only natural. Doesn’t help that her Nick voice is worse than her RAI voice.

    6. Guilty. It’s always nice to see that someone hasn’t been forgotten. Gives a better sense of continuity.

    7. The pixies all had their own personalities and powers. They managed to be entertaining and plot relevant without taking too much screen time from the Winx. The Fairy Pets had no personality and minimal relevance, but a lot of screen time. The Selkies have no personality, some relevance, but no screen time.

    8. People groan at Tritannus in general. Doesn’t help that it’s another repetitive thing this season where too many things are repeating themselves.

    9. Musa/Riven have trust issues. From a writing perspective, they’re the easiest to create drama for. After their big fight in season 4, I think most people just want them to settle down a bit.

    10. Dub wars are always painful.

    11. Musa gets plenty of screen time. I’d say she was more important than Stella in season 4. The Musa/Riven relationship got the most screen time that season, even more than Bloom/Sky. She always has some arc or drama going on. Tecna and Flora on the other hand aren’t so lucky. They had minimal development in season 3 and were mostly just there in season 4. Bloom may have hogged the lime light in season 3, but there wasn’t as much of her in season 4. In season 5, Flora has just been knocked around all the time. Tecna is competent, but nothing much is going on with her. Bloom’s attention hogging has gotten really irritating in season 5.

    12. Hair change is for the dolls. Pointless and annoying in-show, but ultimately harmless.

    13. Enchantix has the best method for obtaining it. It has the neat fairy dust. It’s the most magical of the transformations. 2 seasons later it’s still the strongest of the transformations despite having disappeared awhile ago. It came in a well liked season. Of course people love it. I think Believix has the better transformation and design though.

    14. I’m neutral to both Harmonix and Sirenix. Harmonix is probably disliked because its episodes were terrible. Sirenix has the CGI baggage. Doesn’t help that there’s little variation in the outfits between the Winx.

    15. Even through it has its ups and downs (mostly downs lately), the show is still enjoyable. Hopefully it will remain that way.

  2. I’m an exception to a few of those rules such as pixie withdrawl syndrome, I like the selkies better for two reasons one being the fact that it’s not a one gender race like the pixies appear to be, second those Earth Selkies can fight with or without magic. Another thing I am an exception to is the let’s rag on Bloom thing because the reasons people hate her is exact reasons people hate Superman both of whom were written as the ultimate role model for their stories as something we could aspire to be however we’d wrather relate to Batman and Tecna then look up to Superman and Bloom who have their issues too. No one is a Mary Poppins or Bert practically perfect person in that show or book

  3. I cracked up SO hard at some of these. I love the Roy one. Every action he takes is a flirtatious move towards Aisha. IT’S TRUE. (That theory seems oddly plausible but also creepy. I hope it doesn’t come true; not because it isn’t good, because man, it is. But it’s too creepy.)

    So many of these are insanely accurate it’s creepy. So many of these I read and I thought “wow, that so applies to me.” I will take any chance I get to make Stella’s old personality and the 4kids dub seem like the best things ever.

    I only have one I think you’re missing; “No matter how much more screentime than usual Musa/Tecna get, fans will always be complaining for more an hour later.” 😉

    • I know! I really agree with most of these. However, this is very weird, but those odd haircolors have actually grown on me. They’re actually kind of cute. (Well, in 2d. CGI, sorry, no.)
      And by the way, just out of spite: I reeally want Nabu to come back, and I wish Roxy was a Winx.

  4. Nabu certainly is magical, all right. As for the theory regarding Roy and Nabu somehow being the same person, I don’t think that’s the case, although I do have an alternate theory that the two for whatever reason are currently sharing the same body.

    And yeah, I’ve certainly gotten excited at seeing old minor characters from previous seasons return in the current season.

  5. Another interesting case I forgot to put on here: no matter how much Winx fans claim to love season one, I’ve seen on numerous polls that season three is the favorite (like me).

    And most of the color changes have grown on me. Flora actually looks pretty cute with her pink hair, and it’s a different shade from Roxy’s.

    P.S. During “A Perfect Date,” I saw one of the random people waiting in line that had a design similar to Nabu’s, and I yelled, “OH MY GOSH NABU” at the TV. True story.

    • I’m still not sure pink on brown hair is such a good idea, it looks tacky to me, as does green in place of blonde ew,ew and double ew! I wonder what winx would look good with sky blue hair dye.

      • Probably Musa, since she already kind of has bluish hair, so it wouldn’t be that much of a change. I’d actually want that to happen now.

  6. This is really funny XD I think I’ll be reading your blog regularly now. (Don’t read mine, it’s terrible and dead.)
    I like both Harmonix and Sirenix. 🙂

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