Random Winx Questions: The “Can I Please Have It In A Sentence” Edition


Many Winx fans puzzle over some really deep questions like “is Roxy a Winx,” “can you really bring someone from the dead,” and so on.  Well, this post is not about these.  This is about the silly, random-type of questions that you might never have thought of!  Pretty much, these are the Winx equivalents of “if you choke a Smurf, what color will it turn.”  So, enjoy!  (P.S. Zenith of Corruption starts up this week.  Look forward to it!)

1) Is Dark Bloom’s outfit black or just a very, very dark blue?  (I’ve always thought the latter was the case.)

2) If the Omega Dimension is where all the bad guys go, is the police officers’ realm called the Alpha Dimension?

3) How do the Winx afford to buy all those clothes in Magix?  Is the currency there some kind of merit system where you’re basically rich if you do enough good deeds?

4) Why does the King of Zenith sound suspiciously like a spelling bee announcer?

5) What are spelling bees in the Magical Dimension like?  Do you actually have to spell the letters of certain spells?

6) Why is it that, when Tressa is a scaredy cat, she doesn’t get cursed by Valtor, but when she has courage, she’s one of the first to get cursed by Tritannus?

7) How would Musa feel about Auto-Tune?

8) Why isn’t there a Period Dress transformation yet?  And I’m not just talking 1800s stuff; I mean all periods of history.  Wouldn’t Musa look awesome in a Grecian goddess dress (recolored red, of course, and also as a muse pun), or wouldn’t a pink Victorian (or Sweet Lolita)-style dress scream Flora? The possibilities are endless: Bloom in a Renaissance fair dress, Tecna as a ninja, or my personal fave, Aisha in a female pirate outfit. Historix, Rainbow. Consider it.

9) Where do wizards go to school? Is it in a realm outside Magix, or do they just go to Red Fountain?

10) Did Roxy not become a Winx because her name ends in ‘-y’ like most witches’ names do?

11) Why is it that the Fruiti Music Bar playset doesn’t come with a figurine to serve the smoothies? (I don’t have it; this is just something that makes me wonder).

12) Why is it that, in the same playset, there’s a cardboard cutout of Icy? And why do we instantly assume we have to fight her? Can’t a villain go out for a strawberry smoothie without anyone being suspicious? (If that’s the case, I definitely would rather be a hero.)

13) Why do all the guardian selkies seem to have the same hairstyle?

14) Why doesn’t Bloom wear flame print more often?

15) Can Magical Dimension babies transform into fairies yet? Because if so, that would be the cutest thing ever.

16) Why does Galatea have a question mark on her head?

I hope that these get you thinking! Please feel free to post with answers, feedback, or fanart of Aisha wearing a pirate dress. (Though I doubt that last one will happen…)

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  1. 1. It looks midnight blue to me with spiky silver and rich violet accents
    2. There could be but then there would also have to be a Beta Gamma Delta and so forth to get to Omega.
    3.They don’t buy, Stella makes them, well except for the biker-chick outfits, I think they pay with stones remember when Riven tried to do it on Earth last season?
    4. Maybe it’s his hobby?
    5. Perhaps you have to spell the spell and preform it (in place of use it in a sentence)
    6. Maybe because Tritanus and Valtor hate anyone who have the nerve to stand up to them
    7. I’m not sure, wish we could ask her, but we can’t.
    8. I don’t know maybe something for season 6, but this raises a color question in Aisha’s department, Turquoise, Spring Green, Sea Green or Teal?
    9. Nabu went to school on Andros so maybe wizards are home-schooled, like most Royals?
    10. There’s still time for Roxy, the creators said possibly she might become one somehow this season, she’s a really big plothole that makes heads spin
    11.Because some people might want to forget Roxy, and the boys having taken a job
    12. Anytime Icy’s on the scene it’s usually bad news, even if she just wanted a smoothie.
    13.They might be bffs who style their hair alike
    14. I’ve wondered on this one too, but came to the conclusion it’s because Red Orange and yellow even if it’s on blue clashes with her fire engine red hair, so she substitutes flames with hearts.
    15. I don’t think so, I think that you have to be at least 6 before you can transform as you would have a basic understanding of magic
    16.That’s not a question mark, I think it’s supposed to be a bass clef gem to contrast with her wings that get her in treble (no pun intended)

    • I personally think Aisha should wear blue, since it brings out her eyes (and I just can’t imagine a green pirate outfit, sorry). And I’m glad you came on here! I’m going to post a fanfic series soon, and I’m always happy to see new users!

      I’ve also been wanting to make a fancomic in which Roxy can’t be a Winx because she sent the application in late (like with what can happen with colleges). I also like the crazy theory I came up with about how Nova is really Stella’s younger sister, because Stella has a hair color that’s close to Luna’s, and Radius’s hair shade is close to Nova’s. xD

      • I’ve seen a green one somewhere but it’s disgusting in pirate outfits, hmm applying to be a Winx, that’s interesting, did Aisha have to do that or is she considered a founder like the others? Nova being Stella’s younger sister, i hadn’t thought of that but it would make sense, who says Stella can’t have a sister into pop culture if Aisha can have an mermaid cousin.

      • My personal theory about Aisha is that it’s possible to “test out” of first year if you’ve had enough fairy experience, similar to how American students can skip grades. That’s how I think Aisha could manage to be in the same level as the others, since there seems to be evidence that she knew quite a bit about fairy magic. And the bureaucracy, in the comic, was set up by Grizelda (for some reason, I tend to blame stuff on her). I only came up with the application idea because I’ve had to do stuff like that.

        And I really do like the Nova/Stella idea. I’m actually going to talk about that in my fanfic series I’m working on.

  2. I think the question mark is suppose to be a part of her crown, I mean it’s not like the fairies really know what a question mark is. They probably just thought of it as a cool design.

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