Mysteries of Season Five: Sirenix Edition


Since a lot of people seem to be having questions about the way Sirenix works, this post will be dedicated to announcing some of my own fan theories to try to clear things up!

Why does it take the Winx so long to master Sirenix?

A lot of times, Winx transformations are pretty easy to get the hang of after a few episodes, so quite a few fans have wondered why Sirenix still requires training.  My theory for this is simple logic: Sirenix is water-based, and therefore comes from a more “specific” power source than just simple fairy magic.  This does not mesh well with a lot of their powers.  Aisha can deal with it well, because she already had water-based powers, but that’s just about the only exception.  Bloom’s fire is negated by the water, Stella’s weakness is that light doesn’t reach everywhere in the ocean (like in trenches, for instance), Tecna suffers from the fact that technology fries in water, the differing plant life trips up Flora, and Musa could have actual, Greek mythology-type siren powers that she’s trying to suppress.  Since the Sirenix power doesn’t mesh well with most of them, that’s why Sirenix could be so hard to master.

If that’s the case, then why do the Trix seem to know their new powers so well?

Remember back in season four, when Mitzi and her friends became dark fairies for a while?  They knew their way around magic in a few hours better than first-year Alfea fairies probably could in a couple months!  Therefore, the possibility is this: magic, in its uncorrupted form, takes longer to fully learn.  Adding darkness to it quickens the process, but could be dangerous to both the user’s morality and health.  After all, the way of evil is sometimes considered to be the “easy way.”  So it wouldn’t surprise me if corrupted forms of magic are easier to learn.

Why does the 2D Sirenix transformation scene keep changing?

At first I thought this was just an animation error, but it could very well be symbolism at play.  Each time it plays, it steadily gets longer and more detailed.  So, this could represent the Winx getting closer to fully grasping the Sirenix power.  Once they master it, we could get to see the full transformation sequence.

What purpose did the Sirenix quest serve anyway, and why did it seem so easy?

Simple: it was easy because of the character of the Winx group.  See, the Infinite Ocean could be a dangerous place for someone who wants to use it for evil.  Just look at what happened when one seal was removed.  It’d be logical to say that whoever created the Sirenix power didn’t want just anyone earning it.  You would go into Harmonix form first and pass a moral test.  Could you imagine the Trix earning Sirenix the “legitimate” way by displaying self-confidence, courage, and empathy?  The first two they might get by with, but certainly not empathy.  The test might have been set up that way as a procedure to make sure whoever earns Sirenix would have morals in the first place.  Tritannus was able to bypass that system…but you have to give them credit for trying, right?

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  1. That’s a good theory and of course The Trix and that witch Mitzy would totally take the easy way out by getting wacked versions of the transforms. It would be reasonable to make sure someone never crosses the moral horizon to get sirenix, which seems to be Bloom’s job, I wonder if this is why she didn’t heal Nabu last season when Aisha thought he died was because she was secretly testing her up to the finale, she probably even planned her switching sides, and that’s what makes her a good leader always expecting the unexpected.

    • It’s too bad there isn’t much left to S5, because there are a lot of things they could do with Sirenix. My favorite of my theories is the music fairy theory. Music fairies could hypothetically become the most dangerous Sirenix fairies out there. The reasoning is simple: in Italian, “sirena” means “mermaid,” hence Sirenix. But in Greek mythology, sirens are mermaid-like creatures whose songs drove sailors to madness and death. Therefore, the amplified Sirenix powers could cause a music fairy to fall into this other, dark mode. It would be an interesting plotline with Musa, but they probably wouldn’t have time for that.

      • A dark Musa,what would Riven, Tecna and Aisha say about that? And your right they won’t have time for that although tommorrow’s episodes are supposed to be Musa centric as there is a return trip to Melody, more background is another good arc for her.

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