Curse You, Closed Captioning: Eclipse Edition!


Now, rather than a review this week, I chose to point out something else.  That is to say that part of this week’s episode was upstaged by this something else…and it’s not so much bad writing as it is bad closed captioning.

Now, I like to watch most of my television with closed captioning just because it helps me catch some of the quieter lines better.  It’s probably since I did this as a kid.  But just like Autocorrect, sometimes CC can have problems.  Exhibit A:

“They’re leaving without us!”

This line by Darcy seems to be relatively standard and a bit cliche.  However, that’s not how the closed captioning has it:

“They’re living without us!”

So, Tritannus and Icy got a new house together away from the other Trix?  I suppose that’s an upgrade in their relationship.  *chuckles*  But later in the episode, I found an even funnier one (this one may be a bit paraphrased, but the punchline is the same).

“All of the rulers will meet in Domino.”

Again, another mundane line.  But the result comes out distorted like that “telephone” game you might have played when you were little:

“All of the rulers will need a domino.”

Okay, okay, I remembered that some of the blogs were talking about how Winx needs a meme, and I have a strange feeling that, if others noticed that line, this might be it.  Just think about it: there could be jokes about what a king could do with a *single* domino, or even a Photoshopped version of a poster from “The King’s Speech” that read “The King’s Domino!”  The possibilities are endless!

Now, don’t misunderstand this post: I am in no way, shape, or form laughing at the people who write these captions.  However…sometimes we fans need to have a little fun while watching an episode.  These humorous mistakes provide this in spades.  If I find any closed captioning mistakes in the next few episodes, I’ll keep you posted!

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    • I know, but what could a person do with a single domino? Looks like Erendor’s off to Walmart!

      Erendor: And it’s not for the new Pink Enchantix Bloom dolls. All the kings need a single domino and…even if I *were* to buy one, my son would probably like it, okay?!

      • I think that if you ever make sections for your blog like one for comics/fanfictions and stuff… you should call it “The King’s Domino.” 😛

  1. I actually have an idea for what all the kings would do with the domino…i.e. Teredor would use it for tiny target practice, Radius would ask Stella to make an accessory out of it…etcetra.

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