Random Review: The Pillar of Light!


This episode…surprised me quite a bit.  It’s certainly different: the environmental message is kept to a minimum, the Winx do some solid fighting, there’s actually a sense of danger.  I rather like it.

* The way this episode portrayed Stella definitely made her much more understandable.  She’s not just a three-year-old in a twentysomething’s body, but rather a person with insecurities and a strong bond with her family.  She seemed a lot more grounded to me.  I hope this means Nick’s begun to realize that her personality was taking a negative turn.  That’s what I’d like to think, at least.

* All of Aisha’s scenes were really great!  The part about how the sword only works underwater was a nice touch–it reminded me of how (in Percy Jackson and the Olympians) Celestial bronze only works on monsters, not on mortals.  Keke Palmer also really seemed to nail her lines, which is impressive considering how conflicted Aisha is as a character right now.

* I find the Radius/Luna relationship interesting.  It’s not your usual “I-hate-you-you-hate-me” ex relationship they normally depict on television.  As a matter of fact, Luna seems like she still really loves him…awwww.  I bet their backstory is downright heartwrenching.

* Darn it; Luna didn’t yell this episode!  I really wanted to use my “Royal Solarian Voice” joke too…but c’est la vie.

* I suppose solar eclipses don’t happen that often on other realms?  Oh well, they handled the idea pretty well, I think.  As an astronomy nerd, I love how they put the little detail in about how choppy Andros’s waters are.  (You see, the moon controls the tides, and since the moon is directly in front of the sun, it would make sense for the tides to change.  Probably not that dramatically…but still a Genius Bonus!)

* Apparently the “never say die” rule on children’s television was broken in this situation.  Since lunar eclipses seem to be more common than solar ones, I’d hate to see what would happen to Luna.

* “Still making Icy fight for you, cousin?”

–This has got to be one of the best lines of this show in a while.  Aisha got him good with that one!

* “That did not just happen.”

–Bloom’s response to this pretty much mirrors that of the fans whenever anything Icy/Tritannus-related is mentioned.  At least the writers aren’t pretending Icy has always been this way.

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