The picture on the box. I don’t know how to use a camera *quite* as well as some other people I know, so I’ll stick to what I know and write a text-based review!

This is the Pink Enchantix Bloom doll everyone’s been waiting for!  The Walmart by my house didn’t have any, so my mom and I went around the area looking for them until we eventually found one.  At $29.99, she’s more expensive than the average Winx doll, but from my observations, she’s totally worth it!

So, some people have been complaining about how “Bloom gets all the doll recolors,” but while I’d love to see certain dolls on the market (such as a silver/chrome Tecna Believix, purple Flora Enchantix, red Aisha Enchantix, a Roxy doll, or anything involving Mirta dressed in Gothic Lolita), any Enchantix doll is a happy occasion for me.  But seriously, I would jump up and down about any of these doll ideas, especially the last one.

Now, I don’t have as many Winx dolls as some people, and that’s okay with me.  I also have a Blue Bloom Believix, an Aisha Believix, a Musa Believix, a Flora Believix, and somewhere in my old toy box, I have an old Mattel Bloom doll that came with a Lockette light-up figurine.  I think I played with the adorable Lockette more than with the Bloom, but that’s just me.

Anyway, her outfit is adorable.  There might be some nitpicks, such as “this Bloom doesn’t have her fairy dust necklace or her heart hairpieces.”  As much as I would have liked to see the heart hairpieces, I understand the necklace issue.  In-show, Bloom has a very dangly necklace, which I’d imagine would be hard to replicate.  Chokers like Stella’s or Tecna’s would probably be much easier.  But at least they put a little heart jewel on the dress to make it still look like it’s there.

On an unrelated note, has anyone else ever noticed how much her necklace looks like an Easter egg? Then again, that could be a clever videogame/Internet pun!

I especially like the different layers of glitter on her skirt.  There are about three different shades of pink glitter, which makes it look textured and very detailed.  The wings are probably some of the nicest parts: with Jakks Pacific’s amazing quality of making the wings and the incredible showiness of the Enchantix wings, you know you’re in for a great combination!  The eyes aren’t as detailed as the Blue Bloom Believix eyes, but I’ll cut them some slack on that because my other Bloom doll is a super-exclusive, so more detail is probably to be expected.

However, I did the one thing most Winx doll reviews tell you to never do: since my Bloom came with a part in the hair, I did a simple, light comb to get it out.  She actually doesn’t look that bad with it, though, as long as you’re gentle.  It can mess with the ends, though, so if you like poufy curls, I wouldn’t do it.  I prefer wavy-type curls, so the combing came out just fine.

The disappointing thing, though, is that the stock picture fails to show that Bloom wears her beautiful Enchantix sandals with pink knee socks.  They’re the same that come with the Flora Believix, but unlike in Flora’s case, where the socks look natural with her high boots, it comes off as being unfashionable.  After all, don’t a lot of people bash socks with sandals in the first place?  Luckily, the shoes come off just fine, so you can take off the socks and put the shoes back on for a more stylish look.

I tried doing the same with the arm warmers, but ended up learning a doll lesson the hard way.  If you don’t want them on your doll, think long and hard because they are incredibly hard to get back on!  While they sag on the arms and look like they would come off easily, that is deceptive.  The way they design the hands, one of the fingers (often the thumb) will always get caught in the fishnets and will only end up causing frustration….and of course, damaging the poor fishnets.  And if you try this on a Blue Bloom Believix…if this is any indication, you just might be in for a nightmare.

All in all, though, she’s a very well-made, beautiful doll.  I’d probably give her a 9/10, while the Blue Bloom Believix would slightly edge her out with a 9.5/10.

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  1. Hehe, yep, never take off the gloves unless you’re sure! I remember once I was trying to photograph my Winx collection for a friend and Enchantix Stella’s gloves slid off. I was about ready to rip off the other one, it was so frustrating trying to get it on. And I’d totally love a Goth Loli Mirta. That’d be the best!

    Cool review! I’m curious how you did the hair– you should take a picture! It sounds cool! I’ve been thinking of restyling mine once I get my hands on one like it is in the show’s, but not sure.

    I kinda like the socks.. imo it works on a doll, but wearing those socks and shoes together in real life would be the biggest fashion faux pas ever. 😛

    • The hair thing is simple: all you really have to do is try to get the part out. The doll company likes to part it so you can see everything better. So it works about the same as when you want to get a part out of your own hair: just do a light, simple comb mainly around the middle region. And to make the curls less poufy and more wavy, just do the same gentle comb to the bottom part.

      • Most dolls I’ve had are rooted with a part, so you can’t take it out without really messing it up and having a couple odd bald patches. It worked that easy for you? Wow!

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