Random Review: “The Emperor’s Throne”


Hello, and welcome to my first Winx Review!  However, since Winx hasn’t been doing so well lately, these will be a bit different than most reviews, that happen to be largely negative.  Instead, I’ll be focusing on the positives mainly and any random comments that came to my mind as I watched it.  Because in this world, it’s easy to focus on the negatives, but it takes real skill to have…POSITIVE ENERGY!  And yes, I had to do that.

* I was just thinking about how Aisha should try wearing a hibiscus flower in her hair not too long before seeing this episode.  It looks just as good on her as I thought it would, and really goes with her tropical heritage.  Alas, if only all my Winx ideas could come true like that…

* Darcy quoting Scarlett O’Hara!  Could Nick have done that on purpose as an attempt to do a pop culture reference like Phineas and Ferb or MLP does?  Whatever.  Something tells me that, with Darcy’s annoyance towards cutesy things, the two of us could have a nice discussion regarding that film.  As strange as this sounds, I don’t like Gone With The Wind.  And I’m sure Darcy would actually agree.

* The reason Tritannus got electrocuted is clearly because Stormy has water-based Sirenix powers now.  And, as we all know, water and electricity don’t mix.

Stella: See?  You can learn something from drying your hair!

* I really like 2D Sirenix!  The transformation sequence is a bit short, but that leaves more time for action, I guess.  Musa and Flora probably have my favorite Sirenix outfits.  Aisha’s looks good in 3D, but 2D makes it look…rubbery, for some reason.  If you’re going to do 80’s style, Aisha, please do the puffy pigtail thing like you did sometimes in Season 3.  You can pull off big hair, but not that.

Season 3 Aisha

Aisha’s disco hairstyle. Now THIS is 80’s style done right.

* I literally burst out laughing at the same time as Darcy and Stormy did when Tritannus fell from the throne.  I guess I have more in common with Darcy than I thought…

* I really thought the part with Aisha discovering the truth behind the mutants was really good.  However…I think part of those tears were for somebody else.

* Stella getting mauled by Kiko, while kind of a bad joke, was also kind of funny.  Like puns.

After the success of my Winx fanfic on here, I’ve decided to work on another, which is longer and has individual parts.  It involves Zenith and some of the minor fairies!  There will be a new Zenith fairy in it that will play a large role.  If any of you would like to impact the story, could you please tell me if you prefer the name “Gamma” or the name “Tesla?”  I like both, but think “Tesla” might sound a bit too much like “Tecna.”  I also really like “Theta” too.

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