Bonus Valentine’s Day Mini Fanfic!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I originally intended this to be my first webcomic, but it turns out I thought it would turn out better as a fanfic (that, or I decided to see Les Mis instead; either one).  So, enjoy!


If there was one thing that hadn’t changed throughout the years, it was Aisha’s little nervous tics.

She lay on her bed, looking at the book, same as she always had to hide her emotions.  There weren’t any actual words in it; it was just a blank sketchbook.  But the others didn’t need to know that; they could just believe that she was just reading.  That everything was okay.

It was noon, and most of the Winx had already left to go on afternoon dates with their boyfriends/fiances.  Stella was the only one left, putting on her last touches in the other room.  It was an ordinary, joyful Valentine’s Day for all.

As Aisha looked around from place to place in boredom, she recalled that she had always been a bit jealous of Stella.  Not that she would ever admit it; that just wasn’t like her.  Stella was always able to stay so positive and never let any event shake her for too long.  Not even Valtor.  She’d always been able to find love, and her only problems were fighting off all the other girls who seemed to pursue Brandon.

And yet, my love wasn’t stolen away by a girl, she thought.  He was just…stolen.  Without warning and without explanation.

She put the book down and picked up a photograph.  Unlike most of them, it wasn’t of one of her friends, but rather of the wizard whom she had once loved–and loved still.

If the Sirenix mission succeeds, you’d know what I’d wish for, Nabu, she thought, bringing the picture closer to her chest.  Like it was any replacement for the real thing.

It wasn’t like she didn’t have any admirers; after all, Roy had sent her a Valentine’s Day invitation.  But Aisha had dignity and politely turned him down, not wanting to spit on Nabu’s memory.

Just then, she could see a flash of light coming from the other room.  She shoved the questions aside, assuming it was just Stella changing the color of her outfit for the tenth time in five minutes.  However, a few moments later, a figure came into her room–but it wasn’t the one she was expecting.

“Ta-daaaa!” exclaimed Stella, striking a flashy pose.  Aisha’s mouth dropped when she realized that–while she could still clearly tell it was Stella–her friend looked just like Nabu.

“What in the world?!” Aisha muttered.  “Stella, why in the name of Andros did you cast a transformation spell to look like my dead fiance?!  Do you realize how awkward Brandon will feel when he sees this?”

“That’s no matter,” Stella answered.  “I rescheduled.  I’m going out with Brandon tonight.  This is so much more important.”

“What, mocking me?” Aisha retorted.  “It’s not my fault I don’t have a date, you know!”

“I’m not mocking you,” Stella replied.  “I know I haven’t been acting very mature, or very much like myself lately.  I know I could’ve helped you through.  But that’s why I’m making it up to you now.  I got tickets to that movie you’ve been wanting to go to, and we can go shopping too.  We have a whole afternoon ahead of us.  But there’s only one condition–you have to pretend I’m Nabu.”

“But what’s the point to that?” Aisha asked.  “I know he’s dead.”

“Just forget that for a day,” her friend advised.  “Just hold my hand and smile like you used to.”

She then playfully shoved Aisha out of her bed and ran smiling, dragging the other fairy along with her.

“Why?” Stella questioned as the two left Alfea and headed to Magix.  “Because friends don’t let friends cry and mope on Valentine’s Day.”

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  1. Aww, that made me smile. 🙂 This is really well-written and creative! A lot of fanfics I’ve seen are really OOC… yours isn’t, you got down their personalities really well! And the story itself is adorable!

    Though I’m still trying to picture Stella-Nabu… just can’t do it, lol. Is it like, Stella with Nabu features and clothing? haha!

  2. Aww. . . how sweet. I really wouldv’e liked to see Stella/Nabu, she seems funny! That was interesting how you slipped Roy in, too. I hope that’s how Aisha feels in real life- or not real life, but you know what I mean.

  3. Thanks; I’d worried that I made Aisha darker than her in-show personality with her jealousy and her defense mechanism of hiding her emotions, so I’m glad to hear that I got them right. And I’m sure Stella would use Nabu’s season three hairstyle, because she’d say that his two braids in season four are too girlish and therefore unfashionable.

    Season 1-3 hairstyles are just better. Though people make a huge fuss over Sky’s new hairstyle, I’m angrier at them for cutting Helia’s hair. He was such a spot-on bishie! You don’t just go around cutting bishie character’s hair!

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