EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS! Location of Pink Enchantix Dolls Found!


Hey there, everyone!  I’m Ophira, the newest Winx blogger!  My page might not be the fanciest at the moment since I’m new to this whole thing, but bear with me, as I’ll certainly try to get better.

Anyway, onto my first newsbreak!  From what I’ve seen, many Winx fans have been wondering where to buy the new Pink Enchantix Bloom can be found, or if it’s even available at stores.  For a while now, people have been theorizing that it’s an Entertainment Earth exclusive, which would make it exceedingly hard to find. Well, fret not.  I e-mailed Jakks Pacific and found that the answer to the dilemma is far easier than we think it is.  Check it out:

See?  The problem is easier than we realized.

So in other words, you’ll just be able to find it at the front of any Walmart toy aisle. You know the little displays before you go into the aisle? That’s where to find ’em!

So what does that mean to fans?  For one thing, finding them will be much easier.  But another matter: knowing when and where the Bloom Pink Enchantix dolls will be realized can give us an idea on other upcoming exclusives (read: the Tecna and Musa Harmonix that a bunch of fans have been wanting).  Jakks Pacific has already tried Toys ‘R Us and Walmart for exclusives, so if they truly want to corner the market on these things, Target would be a logical next step.  And Jakks Pacific has been known for their history of Target exclusives–like the Gold, Silver, and Chocolate Neopets plushie collections years ago.  Finally, Toys ‘R Us exclusives appear to have very low morale at the moment: the stores aren’t in as many locations, and Toys ‘R Us is known for their higher prices.  With a popular, low-priced, and very common store like Target, Jakks Pacific could have a valuable ally.

So, long story short: the Pink Enchantix dolls are coming out around this Friday at Walmart, the perfect start to Part Two of Season Five.  And if you want the Tecna and Musa Harmonix dolls, Target would be a good place to check.  It is, as Tecna would say, only logical.

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  1. Oh wow, this is big news! Cool! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! WalMart’s gonna be a pain in the neck since they don’t order lots of stuff at once, but eh, I’m sure it won’t be too bad. I would’ve preferred Target or ToysRUs though.

    A half pallet huh… cool! We Winx fans shouldn’t have too much trouble if actually they stock enough to fill up half the pallet. 😛

    • As soon as I found this out, I knew I had to share it. Yes, this could make Walmarts into basically the equivalents of Cornucopias from the Hunger Games series, but I’m the type of super-honest person who has to tell people something that could be to their advantage as well as mine. I’m really glad you noticed this, by the way! Would you mind putting my page on your favorites list as a way of further spreading the word?

      Oh, and Rainbow Dust is not just a regular Winx news page. At least, that’s not all I want it to be. I couldn’t help noticing that many Winx pages these days–while still awesome–are largely negative. With this blog, I aim to push positive things–including humor as well as news. I really want to do a webcomic on this site called “Suspension of Disbelievix” that parodies many things about the show (mainly about season five), but right now, my tries have all turned out really bad, and they may just end up as simple text-based jokes. For instance, there’s the “Just Blame Grizelda” arc (that focuses on common Winx fan complaints such as Roxy not being a Winx and Mirta being held back and finds joking ways that Grizelda caused them), the “Elements of Harmonix” arc (a crossover with MLP that compares the surprising similarities between the two shows), and a potential arc about where the pixies are (Amore solving the whole Tritanus issue with counseling, Piff going through her ‘terrible twos’ phase, etc). Oh yes, and there’s an actual part where Tritanus sings, “I am the undersea Valtooor!” as he swims. So it should be pretty fun to work on.

      • Just added it to my blog list! 🙂 You seem so nice!

        Yeah, a lot of Winx blogs nowadays are pretty negative. Not gonna lie, I’m sure negative too but it’s usually in a joking way. Not sure most people get that. 😛

        Those comics sound hilarious– especially the Tritannus one and the Elements of Harmonix!! I’m so looking forward to it! Your blog seems like it’d gonna be lots of fun! Also, I love the name rainbowdustwinx. It sounds so magical and gorgeous!

        If you need help getting the word around about your blog, I suggest asking Michael of Michael’s Winx Club (I’m sure you’ve seen him, he’s one of the really big names in the fandom) to check it out and maybe post about it on his page. 🙂 And to make friends with as many people in the community as you can!

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  3. Thanks so much for the info! I found pink Bloom today at Walmart! Now I just need to find out when Harmonic Miss will be sold and where!!
    Thanks again!

  4. We’re trying very hard at Jakks to get the Tecna and Musa dolls into the stores, for all you fans… but unfortunately the stores overstocked the previously released dolls and refuse to take on more product – even though we’re making them!
    Please look out for the Pop Disco collection, which will come out soon with 6 characters – Bloom, Stella, Aisha, Musa, Tecna and Flora.
    Not to mention the beautiful Sirinex dolls (with color-change hair) soon to be released with the same 6 characters.
    Hope you’re as excited as I am!

    • I’m very honored to have an actual Jakks employee at my blog! I just started Rainbow Dust in February, so I’m still a bit of an upstart, hence why I’m so excited about this!

      Do you have estimated release dates for these three doll collections? I’ve seen some preliminary images of the Pop Disco collection, and I’ll probably buy the Stella and Tecna. I’m looking even more forward to the Sirenix dolls, since I personally like Sirenix more than Harmonix. I also heard that you’re releasing a nautical collection with the Winx sailor outfits; is that true? If so, I’ll probably buy some of those too!

      Thanks for posting on my blog and I’m looking forward to your next one!

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